Poco a Poco

The Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children

When working with machetes to clear large tracts of land, the key phrase is Poco a Poco *Little by by Little*. The job is so daunting at first, but after a couple of months, it’s cleared. The same thing applies impacting and changing children’s lives.

First you have to provide the basics,Pure Heart Nicaragua At Risk Children food and SAFE shelter, *that alone may take a life time*. Then, once the kids are not struggling for survival, their minds are free to think about making changes, spiritual, mental or physical.

Until they reach that point, any decision you get out of them is manipulated at best. God does not have grandchildren.

We are trying to select the ones we will invite to live with us. These kids live and work by the dump. I would like to take them all, I had that model on the last orphanage we did, it was a disaster. This time we will listen more closely to the Lord. Pray for the right kids to come.

Here’s our daily ride from our PreK to the dump. *it’s only a mile, but seems a lot further when Winnie drives. I can’t drive because my drivers license was stolen.

Fortunately we have some children who are at a pretty good place in their lives. Here’s the kids at the PreK doing their mother’s day skit *Yesterday*

God is Love 1 John 4;8

Dean and Winnie Peters

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