A Year in Review

Philippians 1:3
I thank my God every time I remember you.

2016 has been a hard year for our ministry as we’ve gone through growing pains.  But we have also accomplished so much!  As a new year starts, we’ve been reviewing the past year and have been amazed at all that has happened.

With the income of an average US family we have managed to not only provide for our own immediate family’s most pressing needs, but also to:

  1. Feed the Hungry: 
    With YOUR help, we served right around 73,000 home cooked meals.
  2. Visit the Sick: 
    With your help we met the medical needs of the children we minister to and their families as we could.
    Medical assistance included: 

    • Ambulance / emergency rides (availability 24/7/365)
    • Dr. visits
    • ER visits
    • Medicine
    • Food, toiletries, transistor radios and fans for patients
    • Surgeries: 1 eye, 2 dental, 2 babies, 1 hernia, 1 ruptured disc, and 1 foot.
  3. Clothed the Naked:
    With your help we clothed over 3,100 children.
  4. Teach: 
    With your help we gave out 35 scholarships.  10 children graduated to Kindergarten in the Public School system.  We also had a children’s church of around 60 kids in the neighborhood on Saturday afternoons, telling them the wonderful story of Jesus.  We were able to witness the graduation of Reina Tiffer from Medical School.  She was a little 8 year old girl in our Sunday School when we first started.
  5. Celebrate:
    With your help we celebrated the birthdays and Christmas’ of 225 children with parties, cake, pinatas, games, presents, and school supplies for the upcoming year.
  6. Go:
    We helped and accompanied various churches, organizations, pastors and different mission trips who came here this year to share the Love of Jesus with the Nicaraguans.
  7. Mourn:
    We have helped with the costs and the services of 11 funerals.
  8. Construct:
    We have helped with shoring up and roofing of several of our neighbor’s houses in the community.
  9. Solved Problems: 
    Everything from marriage counseling, to rebellious teen counseling to fixing transportation, water and electrical problems.  We are called to be problem solvers, not problem pointer outers! (believe it or not, I actually once had a guy come down from the states who said his gift was to ‘point out problems’.  Uhh come on!  I said, ‘Anyone can do that!’
  10. Love: (Most important)
    With YOUR help children could witness first hand the unconditional love of God.

With your help, people glorified God and were brought into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your valiant and faithful efforts and prayers.
Dean Peters


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