bEtter > The word ‘I’ is the difference between bItter and bEtter (Mike MacIntosh) > > We all want to get better. Life is more bearable and mistakes are forgivable knowing that there is always an opportunity to become better. That´s the joy of living a christian life, knowing that there´s always tomorrow, and we […]


DAYS Special days, days off, holidays and religious days hold no appeal for me. Especially in the summer. Maybe because I have flashbacks of my dad mowing the lawn wearing only shorts, knee high black dress socks and wingtips on his days off. Wintery or rainy days seemed a little more special, but not very […]


MISSIONS I used to have a great aunt.  Her name Aunt Ana (I thought her name was ´antena´ until just a few years ago.  Figured it was a slovak nickname for a crazy person or something.  All my aunts have this little slav accent thing going on, still to this date..Anyways,   She would to tell me in whispered reverence with the wild eyes […]