APPROVED! ThePure Heart Nicaragua Approved By God Nicaraguan government has officially APPROVED us! We are now an NGO in Nicaragua to help children At-Risk of growing up in prostitution, crime and squalor. 3 lawyers later, and almost 24 months! (the last one only took 3 months, so the last one was crazy fast, the other two, crazy SLOW.

Here is the reason that it´s important. We´re APPROVED. We are legally allowed to receive containers, shipments, donations etc down here. We can open bank accounts etc. We have privileges. CAN NOT start bringing in kids yet, etc, but it´s a very critical start. It wasn’t easy. I can´t say that I cracked open a book and read the laws. Just spent a lot of time praying, begging, standing in lines, paying people, buying books and documents. Making phone calls. LOTS of phone calls. I call it hard, long, grueling work. The Bible uses the word ´study´.

Although I am not a ´theologian´, it seems to me that that´s what God was referring to in 2 Timothy 2:15 says to ´study´ to show thyself APPROVED unto God. Most people thinks that means to lock themselves in a room and read the Bible. I may be wrong, but in my opinion that´s not the right way to look at it.

1. STUDY in this case means ´make sure, try hard, apply yourself´ But it almost has nothing to do with when you are alone having your quiet time. It has to do with when you go outside of the four walls and interact with the people that don´t believe, act nor look like you. For GOD so loved the WORLD (us people). Sure, part of our daily thing is prayer and reading the Bible, and fellowshipping. But that´s a tiny part of it. Semenarians and Bible scholars are not exactly what I would term ´people persons´.

2. SHOW yourself APPROVED of God. Show YOURSELF. You personally, deep down inside KNOW if what you are doing pleases God, not man. (Be careful that you are a Christ-ian and not a Pastor-ian). Imitate, idolize God, NOT your pastor. Don´t focus on pleasing the people that think like you and believe like you. Please God, to SHOW yourself APPROVED unto Him. Approval is critical. As a believer you should pant after God, seeking His approval.

I think the best way to for me to seek APPROVAL of God and the Government of Nicaragua is by how I feel and interact with OTHERS. I can tell you that I need a LOT OF WORK! We seek APPROVAL by helping OTHERS to seek APPROVAL.


Dean Peters

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