Battle Against Child Slavery

At Risk Children are those who can end up in child slaveryPure Heart Childrens Ministry 0413 because of poverty.   (ie prostitution , gangs, life of crime)

A good movie to watch to give  you an idea is Slum Dog Millionaire, Winnie and I personally have worked with hundreds of kids like that over the past 15 years… actually living under a piece of plastic in a garbage dump.
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God has been consistently on time.
Construction of the orphanage has been consistently not on time.  Construction rule of thumb, TLCM, take longer costs more, BUT we do have the first floor under roof, so the rains won´t hurt us bad.
 The earthquake last week was perfect, showed us loose points in the previous foundation, shook stuff loose showing us what needed to be fixed, like I said, God is consistently good.
Jim Winner´s Home for At Risk Children, has received another $7,486.00 for construction and food for the children at the feeding center.  Thanks


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