4nov15 BIG

Pureheart110915Well intentioned friends counsel us to keep our ministry¬†small. It makes sense…

1. We’re barely making it financially with the 130 kids we are ministering to as it is.
2. We are totally overworked.
3. It is modest and it can be more spiritual/relational to stay small.
4. It is just a whole lot easier overall.
5. It is the logical, rational thing to do.
6. It still looks good to others and helps those 130 kids and their families.

The only hole in that train of thought is God is big.

1. The needs are big. *We could increase our work 10 fold and still be way behind*
2. If we are not over our heads, we can’t function. We are wired that way. Used to it.
3. It seems like we are always just barely making it, with 130 kids or 13,0000 kids. (Zeros are nothing by the way)
4. It’s more spiritual/relational to have good, godly people helping us to help more of the kids.
5. The easy way is the hard way. Easy is boring.
6. God never asks us to do logical, rational things… at least not for me. Especially not convenient things.
7. We will never look good to others. If you knew how infrequently they thought of you, you wouldn’t care WHAT they thought of you.

So the score is 6 small reasons to 7 big reasons. I guess big wins.

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