+-Co is the key part of the word coincidences.x-60VNpOSsSKAEgfj8RzHfUI8LW5YOdxnqmeAAmeQh3-=w381-h228-p-no  Without a co,, usually incidents don’t happen. If someone isn’t with you, it’s a long row to hoe, with few results. Good things happen in life because God is with you, and your friends are with you.  Bad things usually happen because you bumped into someone or something bad.—–*********************


I talked to a guy a couple of years ago. I had taken him in when he was down on his luck, took care of him for a couple of months… Finally got him into a great career *that he is still in and very successful at.    One day he was bragging and told me that he made it all on his own, no one helped him.  It was kind of funny,  I said,, ‘I helped you’,, he replied, feebly ‘ oh yeah, you did.’ AWKWARD!!! I didn’t say it to gloat, but for him to realize that we all need co-workers,, buddies, or better put relationships to help us along the path.  I guess he forgot. We tend to remember only what we want to remember.
When you work others, incidents happen.  without others, usually nothing happens.  People look at the word co exist as if it is evil.  If you don’t want to co exist with people that aren’t like you,, take notes for ISIS. they exemplify people who do not want to co exist.  I don’t care who i am working with to save children’s lives.  As long as they are moral, i don’t care. God knows.  Blessed are the peacemakers Jesus said… and love thy neighbor.  You can not do either if you don’t want to co exist.  Bottom line, God has been with us since we were in our mother’s wombs, so you always have SOMEONE with you.  Co Incidents happen because you are with God, and with others.  That’s the way it is, embrace it!
God created us in His image.  He is a relationship kind of being.  God likes relationships.  Man, in his pride, often doesn’t want to admit that he needs relationships. But we all do.  We need a relationship with others. We need a relationship with God. Thomas doubted after Christ’s crucifixion because he wasn’t with the others.  I know I can be pretty problematic when I am on my own.  We all are.  God is with us through our friends who help us.  That isn’t scriptural, but it came to my mind once when I was in the wilderness and my life has always been a witness to that fact.
In the Chureca, the first thing I notice with the kids was gut wrenching lonliness *although they live in swarms’.  Kids like stuff, but they LONG for relationships.. that’s why there are so many false sects, pregnant 12 year girls, and 10 year old gang bangers.  Everyone wants a relationship. If they don’t find a friend in us as believers, and in the Lord, they will look elsewhere and to find a friend, and are always successful.  Once a team came down and spent thousands of dollars entertaining the kids for a weekend..  When they left a little boy was crying on a swing. I asked him if he was sad cause the gringos left.  He said, ‘ no, I am sad because no one pushed me on my swing’ .
Thank you Samantha Mastro for co existing with us for one week and for being a co worker, co operating with us to bring great  co incidences!!  see video

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