I think At Risk Pure Heart Nicaraguaof events as sales ploys and lies. I always cringe when I see religious groups hold EVENTS. I cringe even more when individuals present EVENTS. Almost always it´s to ´impress others´ which has disastrous results for the victims of the events.

The problem with EVENTS are that they are not real. They are staged. I have seen many car salesmen, real estate agents, gurus, evangelists, preachers, and lay people weep with joy over someone ´buying into their product´, promising a better life and a new BFF.

Problem is that usually the life on the outside doesn´t really improve, and the new ´BFF´ doesn´t even bother to return your call or say hi to you when passing in the street. EVENTS break hearts, LIFESTYLES mend hearts.

Faith is a lifestyle, it´s who you are. When I say I am a Christian, I hope I am saying I imitate Christ, NOT imitating ´christians´. I think there´s a big difference. Your character is revealed by what you do when no one is looking. EVENTS are done for spectators, LIFESTYLES are practiced in private.

EVENTS are show
LIFESTYLES are character

We want the kids to learn to be real, to not put on a show for others to see, but to have real meaningful relationships with others and with the Lord.

Here is a LIFESTYLE video of kids at VERY HIGH RISK of a VERY HORRIBLE LIFE if we don´t do something NOW..

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