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14nov14 Exercise

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not think I should be this fat, I DO try to eat right and get in an hour of high level cardio a day. Unfortunately as Paul said, exercise profiteth little, I suppose exercising DOES keeps me alive. Imagine me if I did NOT eat right and do cardio!
Exercising my faith has much better results, for me at least. I try to exercise both my body and my spirit, FAITH, in the same way. The method I do cardio is to go on really long walks, until i am late for something, then I TRY get back as quickly as possible. It’s a lot more interesting than a tread mill. The same way with faith. IF I am not so far out there that I am fearful of loosing it, I feel like I am loosing it anyway.

Faith is never increased by just one action. It is actions combined that exercise and build great big FAITH MUSCLES. Just by secluding your self, or listening to someone drone on and on, or reading the Bible, or praying alone will build your faith. Spending time alone with God, while reading His Word, and Praying and then going outside and doing what God has showed you to do DOES BUILD FAITH:,Just doing one thing that you feel comfortable doing may make you a weirdo, but it will not increase your FAITH in GOD.

I believe it’s all about you going out on a limb because of your love for others. I really am convinced that that’s where your faith really takes off. Me and my family has been living between a rock and a hard place for 15 years. We are almost uncomfortable when we are doing well, expecting the other shoe to fall at anytime. Our common household saying is I WONDER HOW GOD IS GOING TO GET US OUT OF THIS ONE!

Keith Green had a picture produced.. see foto attachment.

It was a raft like dock in a raging ocean. People drowning, and the survivors were on the dock like raft. They were all reading their Bibles, praying, being pretty, being holy, even working out. Except for one! He was at the very edge of the raft, dangerously close, reaching out to help a drowning person. People blissfully quote popularisms, Bible verses and refer books to read. Also they lend a hand and help, as long as it is in the allotted time and budgeted for doing so. Also another contingency is that it does not interrupt their schedule nor agenda. Especially if their other christian friends see or hear them doing or saying something that is not conditioned as normal christian behavior. Normal is too close to the word nominal if you ask me.

Is it just me or are my ears itching. I am sure to be in a gossip circle (oops, I mean prayer meeting) somewhere tonight.

On the edge if the raft is where faith grows. I need physical exercise to delay dying, but only when I am exercising my faith do I feel fulfilled. HOWEVER, that being said, the only way to grow in faith is to die just a little to self. More Jesus, Less Dean.

Now a little faith food for the week.

When I had a church down here i had a sign outside that said ‘for sinners only’. A guy walked in named Astrubel because of the sign, and he walked the walk from then on. A friend of mine, Dr Efrain Laureano spent a lot of time discipling him. I lost track of Astrubel. I sometimes am weak in faith, and find myself grumbling about ever having come down here in the first place. It is hot, mosquitoes, problems, you know the story. A few hundred feet from our feed is a new church. it said ‘only sinners’. THAT kind of struck a chord with me. Yesterday, we went early. Denis was lost. I panicked and went house to house looking for him. I found in the ‘only sinners’ church eating cereal. I met Pastor Astrubel and his wife ( they recognized me, i didn’t recognize them)

We are now serving out of their church instead of cooking our brains out under the sun on the street

It was a noticeable reward for exercising faith. If we weren’t there, we wouldn’t have found this great blessing from God

Dean and Winnie Peters


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