James 2:20, NKJV
…faith without works is dead.

People love the word faith.

First off, exactly what is faith?  Faith definition is: confidence or trust in a person or thing.

NOW  the question is, faith in what?  Faith in faith?  Faith in you?  Faith in positive mental attitudes?  Faith in your pastor or ‘spiritual superiors’?   Faith in your interpretation of God’s Word?

The only faith worth having is the faith in God, in His finished work for us by sacrificing His son on the Cross of Calvary.

Our Faith should be in God and in God alone.  I want that.

If God wants you to do something, God will provide.  I know God shows me what to do almost on a daily basis.  Although I have never heard God’s voice, I know His prompting.  The worst mistakes I have ever made in my life were blindly obeying spiritual authorities.  I know what God wants me to do usually.  I always seek counsel and prayer from those who have been in my shoes on a certain subject, but the final action, or inaction is on me.

When we step out in faith, we better be sure what our faith is in.  Unfortunately, most people I talk to don’t know what their faith is in.  They make bad financial and career decisions because they have faith in a salesman or boss.  Their confidence was in a company name or a person.  There is a lot of bad faith out there, even in church.

FAITH IN GOD IS GOOD.  Faith in anything else is dead.  Nothing will come out of it, even it’s works are hollow and lifeless.

Usually I hear pretty good from God.  Although we are not rolling in cash, we live and provide for these beautiful children of our ministry day by day.  Literally hand to mouth.  Faithful friends hear God’s still small voice urge them to give, and the money is there, right on time, always.  God has never let us miss a bill or payroll. God has never let us down.  He is faithful even when we are not.

To truly have faith in God means you are God’s child, and you will be led by God.

Romans 8:14
For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

God won’t use other people to lead you, His Spirit leads you.  Other people give you advice, and counsel.  But that isn’t necessarily God’s leading.

EMOTIONS, COMFORT, EASE, POPULARITY,  AGREEMENTS, PEACE etc are not a sign of God leading either.  God leads directly, through His Holy Spirit.

Here are ways to see if God is leading you:

  1. Does it line up with the Word of God?  If not, it is definitely not from God.
    1.  Examples of knowing if it is of God’s leading.
      1. Is it uncomfortable?
      2. Does it seem senseless?
      3. Is it going to be thankless?
      4. Do you feel like you HAVE to do it, irregardless?
      5. Am I the only one that gets it?
      6. Am I respecting authorities, boundaries and limits set by God and by man?
    2.  Examples of knowing it is NOT of God’s leading.
      1. Will it bring glory and ease to you?
      2. Will it bring glory and ease to the person ‘speaking’ on God’s behalf?
      3. Does it make sense?
      4. Is everyone doing it?
      5. Does it disobey authorities, or limits set by God and man?
      6. Is it an escape or cop out?
  2.  Is it consistent?  Almost like a gentle nagging?
  3.  As you practice listening to God’s still small voice and obeying it, are you beginning to recognize His voice?
  4.  Is it in line with God’s character?
  5.  Does it pass the test of time, is it sustainable with out being presumptuous on others?
  6.  Does God get glorified?

Faith, and being faithful to God is a continuous work that we should all strive for.

Are you stepping out in faith, waiting for God to mightily use you?  Neither waiting nor faith are passive.  Waiting and Faith fit very well in the same sentence because waiting is a sign of faith.  While you are waiting, you are doing.  Paul, John, all the apostles were getting beaten up, stoned, ministering to the widows and orphans, sharing the Gospel while they were waiting for their faith to be realized in heaven.  Our glorious hope!

Are we proactively waiting to have faith?  Or are we sitting in a church bench with our hands folded and our eyes piously closed?

love to entertain.  When I am waiting for someone to come, I am scrambling, cooking, buying stuff, cleaning, taking a shower.  When I am going someplace to meet someone, same thing.  Lots of activities when I am waiting for something as trivial as a house guest or a party to go to.  How much more busy should I be waiting for my faith to be fulfilled in Heaven with my King.

I just want to make sure my actions faithfully reflect what HE wants ME to do, nothing more.

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