Just when I thoughtFood Lines Pure Heart Nicaragua I couldn´t take another step, David and Beatrice (the two readable email addresses, [email protected] and [email protected] came aboard to help us with the 501C3 paperwork and to organize.  Both are highly organized.  Both are workers, not “suggesters”,  have enough of those already. David´s specialty is marketing and social networking, Beatrice is an MBA with experience working with both the US Govt and Nicaraguan Government in Grants and ONGS. Those of you who know me KNOW that paperwork and organizational skills are not one of my stronger suites.
Dawn  has been really a blessing with letting donations come in through River of Life, but things are going a lot better than expected, and a lot quicker (which isn’t always as good as it sounds).
Lines keep getting more disorganized, and last week I was over whelmed.
Got back from Costa Rica and everything is BEAUTIFUL.  David and Beatrice posses the gifts from God that Winnie and I lacked.  We were fried, and we don’t even have 50 kids living with us yet.
The HERESY taught that GOD SHOW’S UP is not true.  He Can´t just show up, because He is always there. That is one of his attributes that He only Has, God is Omnipresent.  He KNOWS when WE need help and comes in just at the nick of time, but He is always there.
We have a new ACRONYM.  Many people serve without love, without feeling.  Our Acronym is F.E.E.L.  Feed, Educate, Empower and Love.  That´s our goal, to teach the kids to learn (not rote memory, it doesn’t work with guys like Poochie, borrrrring!!!)  We are looking at Montessori teaching for the street children.  I don´t think it´s ever been done, but if you think you are going to get kids like Poochie to sit behind a desk for four hours, you are absolutely out of your mind.
Feeding kids and reading them Bible verses while they´re grinding away isn’t the answer either. I’ve been trying to do that for almost 20 years now, a waste of time and resources.  It has to be all connected, feeding, nourishing, teaching them how to think, teaching the how to be entrepreneurs, and LOVING THEM, really LOVING THEM seems to be the main ingredient, and is left out MOST of the time.
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
The Jim Winner Home for Children´s first phase (to where we can move in) is still about two weeks out.  TLCM, takes longer, costs more, construction Acronym.

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