God, Soup Lines, Containers

Disconnection Pure Heart Nicaragua0813until Thursday, going to Costa Rica with family to raise funds for our ministry.

We´ll have to communicate through God´s Email, over the next few days. (in other words, Prayer)

I am disconnecting after I push SEND. I am taking my wife and kids into Costa Rica to raise funds for our ministry. We´ll be back to normal on Thursday of next week.

When I can, I will be online, just don´t know when.

We needed time to re-group and figure out how to be more effective anyway. I have some Nicaraguan´s helping me out, so that´s a real relief. We even have groups of college students coming to help us. I am so proud of Nicaragua for Her love for Her own people.

Last week at the Chureca was really spiritually – emotionally tough. One kid got a broken finger, one kid a broken nose. Pushing, punching shoving, etc. Kid stuff. It´s turning into a soup line. I have done soup lines for the past 20 years, They simply don´t work and have a bad effect on the kids.

We need to start bringing the kids into the Jim Winner Home for Children NOW. (As soon as the government approves it, pending completion of the construction of course).

The soup lines are making them worse instead of better. We need to have a more loving environment to nurture them. When we bring them in, we have to also bring in the sibling that is like their mom. For some reason, a lot of mothers don´t do a very good job at mothering, so the older sisters or brothers do. The sooner we build a large orphanage the better.

I built a three story building 15 years ago here in Managua using only containers. Fast, cheap, and ANTI-Sismico, i have NO idea what that word is in English but has to do with structural earthquake protection. It started a rage, now everyone considers making buildings from containers down here. Hurricane Mitch etc. left thousands of containers down here.

We have decided to make the orphanage from containers for urgency and price sake.

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