Ides of March

A snap shot of the IDES OF MARCH

I was just looking at a Bible Concordance. A concordance is used to find how many times the same words are used in the Bible, and where you can find them. Popular frequently used words are one or two pages max. The word CHILD takes up 48 pages. That says something to me about where God´s heart is.

The fantastic news is that we are all Children in God´s eyes, even if we are 90 years old.

Speaking of children.Pure Hear Nicaragua Ministry 0315 The attached photo is of me and my friend Alan Vivas from Masaya Nicaragua. I have known and helped out his family as much as I could since he was about 5 years old. It was great to see him a couple of days ago. I used to take him and his family a couple of miles to church. We´d all be crowed in the back of a little pick up truck, and his little dog running behind us the whole way. We used to play ´baseball¨ (a rolled up piece of tape with a stick as a bat, for HOURS) good memories.

Brandon, is better! Remember the little boy who got hit by a taxi in August? He was literally dead as far as we were all concerned. Then we thought he was going to be in a coma for the rest of his life. Then a cuad. Then a paraplegic Then not being able to talk or communicate. Now he is walking, jumping, singing etc. what a miracle!

Every day we try to feed. We youtube it because people pray when they are reminded to pray. I show the same kids, so you can see their improvements. It is amazing what a 50 cent daily SQUARE MEAL can do for a kid. Here´s some videos of our on the road (Guadelupe housing development of La Chureca)

Although it seems like flash memory, we are dealing with children with big problems, and all are famished. The Bible does not tell or even ask people who do not believe in God to pray to Him nor to sing to Him. We do, and those who want to can, but we don´t insist. Grace, not Mean is our motto.

A well known friend of mine, Herty Lewites passed away a while ago. I went to the amusement park that Herty built and owned a couple of months ago. It´s called Hertylandia. It was really run down. I was grieved. Herty´s nephew, David, and I became friends. David is a new Christian, full of joy and zeal. He wants to do a radical home make over. So I took him to Payita´s house (who has been our faithful friend for the past 15 years. She was severely electrocuted a couple months ago, but thanks to the Lord, she is fine now. Just scared. Pray with us as we are trying to make them a safe place to live. Here´s a before video a Payita and Vanely´s house (11 people live there).

Our orphanage, Rebecca James Home, is fast becoming a reality, pray with us as we want to purchase the ex restaurant- now pre k school ($45,000) to start expansion (second floor and a third floor, like i did when i owned the building where we built calvary chapel managua).


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