30oct15 JOB

PureHeart110515Contrary to popular opinion, I DO have a regular, well paying job. I work about 50 hours a week. The Lord uses it as a means to provide for a lot of the costs here. We are almost at 7000 a month in expenses,and the ministry is continuously growing. Along with my generous co-laborers, donating their time, money and prayers, we are getting the Lord’s JOB done by serving around 130 kids AND their families every day. We could easily TRIPLE that number if we doubled our expenses, but we are where we are because that is where the Lord wants us to be.

My job is that of a lead generator for a medical company and an EDI *electronic data interchange* company. In sales, we call it bird dogging. What is I am is a servant of the Lord God Most High, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the least of these, by serving them, as WE serve Him. 2 completely different things. My job does not define who I am, only what I do. I network, or in other words, I make friends, causing viable leads for businesses. Fortunately, as a lead generator, I have the time and the flexibility for an average of 7 hours a day serving the kids AND the WHOSOEVERS in the feeding center and pre school and all the nuances that go with it

The Bible says to not use your faith as an excuse to be lazy. I LOVE working. Always have. As long as the goal is to help others with it.. When you have a job to provide only for yourself, it is a J.O.B. Just over broke. No idea why that is. When it is for others,, although your are still broke,, you always have enough, and you LOVE what you do.

My job is more like networking that calling lists. Networking is actually friend making. I made about 12 new friends, all with really interesting backgrounds this week. We got to share our faith with each other, pray together, and laugh *mostly at my snoring, i spent almost 40 hours on a bus this week!* Went to Guatemala on Business.

I have NO idea where the word Job came from. I know it didn’t come from Job in the Bible, jobs are too much fun, if you have the right reason to do it every day. You should be just as passionate about what you do as what you are. If you do your job with enthusiasm and love, you are reaching 10X the amount of people as you do when you JUST minister.. Love and enthusiasm are expected in ministry, but startle people in regular job life.

Thanks for bearing with us, for praying for us and helping us along this journey.

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