19dec14 lEARning


2Howdy from frio frio frio Guatemala! It gets down to the 50s at night! Brrrrr!!!! Praise God for WIDOWMAKERS! (see attachment) They are electric heaters built at the end of shower nozzles because the water is freezing in the morning, as is the morning temperatures…. so these things heat up the water A LITTLE… to make showering in the morning bearable.

Problem is, Guatemalans are usually pretty short, so this one in the picture is only 6ft off the ground, so I could be dead in the water literally if I am not careful.

I told my son years ago,, Wires and Water = Death. Well, he was all ears.. (learning, ear, get it, you need an ear to listen in order to learn).

Well last year, i took him to costa rica to fix our border, and i got pick pocketed,, and lost my credit card, id, everything, so it was tough. We spent the night at a friends house, (in the mountains of costa rica), and when i sent my son in to shower in the morning, he said,, NO WAY JOSE!!!! water and wires kill. Sure enough, there was a widowmaker in the shower, it was the first time he saw one, they are sure scary looking thing.

I was pondering that today, because it is freezing and because I can not wait to catch the 2 AM bus ( in a few hours) that will bring me to Managua tomorrow night at 9PM, I am home sick and miss my baby boy. But in pondering it I saw a key to learning, you have to listen, (and to listen, in my case anyway, I have to be really interested!, I can not fake it, much to many pastors and teachers dismay)

Most pastors and teachers are so eager to teach (cause that is what they were made to do) that they forget that no one will learn anything if they are not interested in what you are trying to teach. If they don’t lend an EAR to what you are saying, you are wasting your breath.

I pray to have more of an EAR for the things of the Lord, most of the times, teachers and preachers do not really care about nor for the people they are talking at. So you can not even say they are teaching anything, cause no one is lEARning.

First, show them how much you care, then they will CARE about what you are trying to teach them.


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