Dean & Winnie PureHeartWhen you like someone, you like to be with them. There are things in their lives that you identify with which in turn, leads you to want to be like them in certain ways. Sometimes you may not like someone very much, but still find a way to love them. Certainly you can love someone and not want to be like them in anyway.

I think it is important to be likable. You need to be likable before you can teach someone anything. Once you are likable, people will want to imitate you. All the great people in history had people that wanted to be like them. For example, Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ”. A pretty bold statement. Truly I think people will like us, if we follow Jesus’. The word love is obligatory, while the word LIKE is less demanding. It’s easier to like than to love. Liking is the first step to loving.

A key to being liked, is to actually LIKE the other other person first. As you develop liking each other, you will tend to look for the best in the other person. I saw a paraphrase from the book of Proverbs saying, “anyone can find dirt on someone, start looking for the gold.”

Love is almost a supernatural concept, unobtainable most of the time. Just being honest here. I think we should try to love, but for me it is easier to begin with like. LIKE is something anyone can do. Love will follow.

Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. It took a couple of times for Peter to actually say He loved Jesus…. the first few attempts, he said he liked Jesus. It was a good start, but it wasn’t until after the third time Jesus asked Peter that he said, “YES I love you”… then Jesus told Him to imitate Him by feeding His sheep.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

Let’s start with just liking others first. After that LOVE will come.

here’s a picture of me and the Winnie’s after going swimming the other day.

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