Love S.I.C.K.

That´s my personal title for the story of the prodigal son´s father. The Father was LOVE SICK! He was looking for his lost little boy. Imagine the joy He had when He saw his baby boy running back to Him, crying and asking for forgiveness. (even the son was a grown man, a father always looks at his son as a baby boy)

Pure Heart Board member, David Cadia Lewites came up with a slogan (David is the the one in the brown suit in the following prensa article this am. David is the nephew of my late friend, Herty Lewites.
David´s slogan is our newest inspiration. Love S.I.C.K. ´Socially Inovative Care for Kids´. The days of 3 generations of soup lines to the same families, and tortorous hours in classroom were a valiant try, but there HAS to be a better way. Three generations later, no results. Emotions aside, the Bible says if you plug your ears to the cries of the hungry you are in sin. I think what we do with the less fortunate is the only Bible the majority of the world will read. Roger Wing from Calvary Chapel once told me, we don´t ´have to´, we ´get to´. A milestone momento in my life.
IF we don´t take care of our kids, we forget about politics, federal reserve, whales, global warming etc etc. The population is expanding rapidly,, and most of the explosión will be in places like the chureca, garbage dumps of large third world cities. Without these kids being helped, the world is finished. Taking care of someone doesn´t mean throwing them the same stuff that has never worked well in the first place..

Another board member, Karen Santamaríahas donated two containers so we can finish our orphanage, once we get the funding to do so. She is bringing in an architect from Spain next week who specializes in container homes. Karen also wants to do a radical make over on a lady who has been sitting outside for years. We give her clothes,, but we need to find someone brave enough to bathe her because she´s kind of gnarly. She just puts her old clothes over her new clothes.

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