New Year

My life, as I know it, seemed to come to an end last night.

Well at least I felt that way.  I carried six boxes of baby food to a little pocket of people down a slippery path.  Didn’t weigh much, it’s baby food.

Got home, took my shoes off and sat barefoot in our little playground enjoying the cool night air, feeling the dirt with my toes.  A couple hours later I could not get up out of the chair.  My back was completely frozen.  Once I tried to move, the pain was excruciating.  The Winnies were scared.

I finally managed to get upstairs and get into a comfortable enough position to fall to sleep.  I was miserable.  I thought of a life not being able to do what I do.  The horror!  My life literally passed before my eyes.

I remembered what my pentecostal friend Mike Continenza told me, and I laid hands on myself and prayed and asked God to heal me.  I fell to sleep and woke up fine, a little sore but fine.

I read Judges the other day, and was made aware that Israel always had problems with God because they kept on forgetting all the good things God has done for them.  I am guilty even now of that.  God could have left me with a locked back forever but he didn’t.

“Here I raise my Ebenezer, Hither by Thy help I’ve come”

These familiar words come from the second verse of “Come, Thou Fount.”  It is a hymn written by Robert Robinson in 1757.  You can listen below.

Back then everyone knew what an Ebenezer was.   Nowadays few people do.

In 1 Sam 7 Samuel put a stone as a reminder of what God did for Him.  He called it Ebenezer.

Reading the Bible for me is an Ebenezer, it reminds me of God’s goodness

We should all commit today, 1 Jan to reading the Bible through in a year.  I personally like Blue Letter Bible’s plan.

We should all have Ebenezer points in our life.  How many times this past year were we truly afraid, and we prayed, and God pulled us through?

Every reader of this, I bet has prayed through many things this past year, and the fact that you are reading this means you survived.

Have you raised an Ebenezer thanking God and made an effort to remember His goodness in 2017?  2018 will be much better if you did.

Today, New Years Day is a good time to do all of that.

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