Our Needs

Ok, 2 things we need help with.

1. I have several men who want to come down and do some light construction.  We need someone to head up that team.

2. We also need someone to organize a container to be shipped down from the states.  Packages are crazy expensive to mail now, so it would be better if there was a spot in the states where everyone can mail to.

It might be best to do it through a civic group or church.

This involves renting the container (or buying it outright), packing it (usually takes about a month or two, where people can drop off stuff).  Wait until you’ll have enough stuff, and THEN pack it per my instructions.

We urgently need here.  We do not store anything.  It will all be utilized immediately, not sold, but given to help others.

1. Medical supplies *Wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, sunglasses etc*
2. Beds and cots. Bedding
3. Pre-k school stuff for toddlers
4. Pre-k clothes
5. Art craftsy stuff.
6. Computers and printers(THAT WORK)
7, Wall projector (that work)
8. Desks and chairs (office)
7. Shoes
8. Ping pong tables, golf carts, weights, baseball stuff
9. Any types of balls
10. Construction supplies (any type)
11. Doors, windows, refrigerators
12. Generators
13. Refrigerators
14. Electric dish washer
15. Trash compactor
16. Garbage cans
17. Christmas packages (shoe boxes-filled with little things for the kids)
18. Any kind of furniture
19. Any kind of tools
20. Farming equipment
21. Lawn equipment
22. Bakery equipment
23. Restaurant equipment
24. Vehicles/motorcycles/bicycles
25. Crayons and soap
26. Any type of mattresses and pillows
KING SIZE ESPECIALLY- the whole family can sleep on the bed
27. Giant Sized, high quality pots and pans (Industrial sized)
28. Children’s books (english or spanish), educational books and magazines
29. Bibles and tracts (spanish and english)
30. Notebooks, backpacks, and writing utinsels
31. White boards and markers
32. Fans and window air conditioners
33. Towels
34. Infant stuff
35. Cribs, floor cushions
36. Shoes
37. Stove
38. Oven
39. Electrodomestics
40. Clocks
41. Printing paper
42. Printer ink
43. Vitamins

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  1. Karen Eichelberger says: Reply

    Do you have a container organized?

    1. deanpeters2004 says: Reply

      dear Karen

      no we still don’t have anyone on it

      thanks for asking sister!

      love you guys!

      Dean Peters
      [email protected]
      55010927 claro in nicaragua
      22658180 house in nicaragua
      2403459265 USA

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