Matthew 5:9 
New International Version
Blessed are the PEACE MAKERs, for they will be called children of God.

I had someone pay for a trip to Houston to raise money for our ministry in Nicaragua.  Doesn’t sound very spiritual, does it?  Trouble is, I have yet to find a way to protect at-risk children without money.  Although we didn’t get any much needed donations, the trip was a success.

While I was there I shared that I wanted to be a peace maker.  Our Ministry’s by-product is turning potentially violent people into peace makers.  Did you know that the world population is going to double soon?  This population explosion will come from the garbage dumps (like the one we work at) of the world, not the suburbs.  We don’t want these people to be violent.  We want them to be peace makers.  To make peace makers, you have to be a peace maker yourself.  My personal problem is sometimes I am a peace maker, sometimes I am not.  I knowGod wants me to be a peace maker all the time, not just when I am in a warm and fluffy mood.

What is a peace maker? How do you become a peace maker all the time?

My trip was over and I was getting ready to fly home to Managua.  Suddenly my suitcase exploded just as I was running out to the airport to catch my flight and I ended up wrapping it together with plastic wrap, duct tape and my belt.  I thought to myself, ‘Gods in control.’  I wasn’t very stylish but I was going home to my beloved ‘nicaraguita’ and my wife and little girl.

I had a lay over in Mexico City.  At 9 am we were boarding.  I had everything ready, I had in hand my boarding ticket, passport and my 40 lbs suitcase made out of saran wrap.  Then, all at once, my world collapsed.  The lady letting us board the plane asked me for my ‘papelito’ to be able to leave Mexico.  The papelito was something that looked like a ticket used to pick up laundry.

The night before, the immigration agent just handed me a bunch of custom’s paperwork when I landed in Mexico.  It must have been in there, but nothing was said.  Naturally I didn’t keep it, who keeps custom’s paperwork?

The stewardess said, no ticket no laundry! (old joke)  In other words no flight!!!!  I had a life changing appointment the next day in Nicaragua.  I was in trouble but I had peace, God was still in control.

I went back to customs and paid for another ‘papelito’ and went to the airlines to catch the next flight out.  My only concern was getting in that same night.  Boy was I naive!  The airlines wanted to fine me $350USD for missing the flight, and pay $780 for a ticket that originally cost around $150.

The person who invited me to Houston bought another ticket from American Airlines for a lot less.  THANK YOU again Mark Petschel!!  Thank you Lord!!  Yes God is in control!!!  At this point, I was about 29 hours without sleep but I was ecstatic.

It was noon, and I had 2 connections to make it to Nicaragua before my important meeting, less that 12 hours away.

Well the first flight was delayed an hour.  Panic again was now taking over peace.  I only had an hour to make the connection to begin with, and I had to clear US Immigration.  Boarding for my connecting flight had already begun when we landed.  Now I was full on fearful, no peace anywhere to be found.

By a miracle I cleared immigration and made it to the plane, AA1181 Charlotte to Ft Lauderdale (w/ a 11 pm Spirit air connection to Managua).  I literally ran up to thedoor as they were about to close it, minutes before blast off!  Almost blew it AGAIN!  I was a wreck.

Cynthia was the airline stewardess in charge (we are called to not only be peace makers but also Good Stewards).  Cynthia was both, she calmed me down and made me laugh ( she was probably worried I was going to stroke out).

She could have been grumpy when she saw me running up to the plane all schwitzig,with my ugly plastic stretch wrapped suitcase but she chose to be kind and peaceful.  That made me peaceful.

That is our job as good stewards, to be peace makers.

God IS in control.

How can we be a PEACEMAKER?  As illustrated above,

  • by being there
  • by being concerned
  • by being kind
  • by being attentive
  • by choosing to be nice instead of snippy and grumpy
  • Most importantly, by being PEACEFUL… we can’t give what we don’t have

Isaiah 26:3
New International Version
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.


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