Relationships VS Agendas

Relationships VS Agendas

So, Jesus was told that Lazarus was dying. Yet He dillydallied 3 days before he made it there. By then Lazarus was dead. Jesus said He took His time so God would be glorified.

I would have been a maniac if Lazarus was a loved one of mine, and if Jesus was dragging His feet. It´s not a good thing to be angry at God.

I am a typical american. Agendas, timelines and punctuality is the way I roll. I remember hearing a father screaming at his wife and kids for being late to church once as they were pulling into a church parking lot. Then he stopped, parked the car, walked in like 3 minutes late and him and his family were perfect cheribums. From a distance is was laughable, but I am just as guilty. American´s hate to be late because it screws up their agendas. Agendas are a part of the bad international reputation we have. Our agenda for the day is full, and because of that, tardiness makes us loose our whole day´s ´effectiveness´. Because of agendas, lots of relationships have been obliterated (often in their infancy) when americans are interjected into latina and african cultures.

Daily, God shows me that I am here for relationships, not my ´to do´ list. Everyday I am tested on my patience with long lines, pointless meetings, and someone not being where they should be because of tardiness. Also, everyday, while I am standing in lines, waiting for someone, or making a trifling meeting, I meet someone who really helps me with something or someone that needs my help. I always marvel at that.

So instead of being frustrated, I have a spirit of expectancy

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