Snake Bite!

Payita, our co-worker of over 15 yearsPayita Pure Heart Nicaragua got bit by a coral snake last Thursday when she was reaching for a rag. She is the woman on the left Please pray for her. I had studied snake bites in jungle warfare school, and in various survival courses. However to see the results of a snake bite and to see the results are two different things. The pain was like hundreds of fire ants, her body paralyzed, then her lungs and heart. We came very close to loosing her.

Most of the kids I work with here in Nicaragua it is the same as when there is a snake bite, they see no hope. They are paralyzed with fear. They hurt because of the hunger. They can’t sleep because they are scared.

What is their reality is so basic of needs of food and shelter and security, that we are so spiritually minded, that we don’t even see it. “So spiritually minded that we are no earthly good.”

We are trying to be for these kids what God wants us to be for these kids, “snake bite medicine”.

Pray for Payita and her children and grandchildrenPayita kids and grandkids Pure Heart Nicaragua she has been and hopefully with be a continued blessing to us!

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  1. Ruben Canizalez says: Reply

    I hope and pray that everything will be Ok with Payita. Last month i also came close to a coral here in panam√°.


    Ruben Canizalez

  2. Thanks Ruben. Shes recoverred and now in the hospital for a long over due hernia operation.

  3. Hanks Ruben. Yes shes better

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