“The Fatherless”

PureHeart Father to FatherlessGod is Father to the Fatherless.

(We just celebrated Father´s day here in Nicaragua, I don´t have a father so it´s kind of a vague concept for me.  I just use it as another opportunity to worship Him.)

It must be a million times harder for kids who´s fathers are negligent and abusive.  We want these Kids to have a Father in God.

A Father´s Day poem ( I love you Dad ) is the poem.


We are about one thing, helping and protecting children from predators.   We want these kids to Know HIM:

(Deny´s is learning to cut lines)
With God´s help we came up with a strategy.  Easy to grasp, and lucid.

First and Foremost, SERVE THEM,

1. Nurture them, ( food, home, protection )
2. Educate them, (School, morals, work ethic, structure; psychologically)
3. Turn them into entrepreneurs. The days of working for a Company for 50 years and getting a gold watch are over. The days of making just enough to feed yourself,  are not)
Feeding program is going well.
However, I am VERY concerned about making this just another soup line.  As long as they live where they do, nothing will change.

Our PreK is growing every day.

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