Colossians 1:17
He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
‘Together’ superficially, seems to be a word describing social settings.  My wife Winnie and I are together for life.  I am together with other Christians in our belief in God and God is together with us in a group.  We gather together.

The Bible’s word ‘together’ is more of an individual word than a group word.  In worldly terms we say ‘someone has it together’, their life is in order.  That is more of a biblically correct use of the term than getting together in a group.

The atom they say is held together by electromagnetism, but an atom’s charges are the same polarity… the same charge rejects, it doesn’t attract.  Any 5th grader knows this basic science electromagnetic truth.  Opposites attract, same charges repel.  What holds an atom together?  God.  The only explanation.  God holds everything together.

Jesus walked on the water because He walked on the water, He held it together.  Jesus turned the simple H20 molecules into complex wine molecules.  Why?  Because He is God not only of the visible, but at thenano molecular level.  He is not only God of the physical but also God of thespiritual.  He knows our thoughts, and our future, as well as our past.  He knows our fights, desires, urges, and sins.  Yet He knows all the stars and planets of the universe and sees the sparrows on this planet.  Jesus held theiron molecular atoms together on the nails that stapled Him to theCross, because He loves us.

God can help us to get it together if we receive Him into our hearts.  He will keep us together too if we let Him.  Usually He uses friends to do so.

That is what we are doing with the children of our ministry.  We are working on helping them to know God so He will get their little lives together and keep them together.  Please be used of God to help us and to piece together the daily needs of this ministry through your support.

The daily details of this ministry and the expenses are staggering.  On top of that, things always come up.  Just now we got nailed with a medical bill for a faithful person in this ministry, a big car repair bill and another large 2 x per year bill. We could really use donations if you could, any amount would be a huge blessing.


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