As an adult, toys are so unimportant.  As Christmas and Birthdays approach I get nervous.  I never have money for that and it seems to be a waste.  The kids are more happy with the box than the toy that they have been yearning for.


God is not like that.


I remember when Dean Jr. was about 3.  He was just learning how to pray.  We had a church and orphanage and feeding center in Managua.  We got a large box. A package from the states.  Dean Jr was excited. WE got boxes a lot when I pastorred CC Managua, but this pastor came right about his birthday day.  He started digging frantically in the box, deeper and deeper saying WHERE ARE THE MONKEYS, I ASKED GOD FOR THE MONKEYS SO THEY MUST BE THERE.  I am kind of worried.  I KNOW God does not work like that.  I KNOW God has a lot more things going on than a ‘stuffed monkey’ I thought.


When Dean Jr. was down to the bottom of the box of toys that some kind soul had sent, he was almost crying with disappointment.   I was bracing myself for Dean Jr. first crisis of faith!    THE LAST SHOE HE TOOK OUT, out fell about 10 red monkeys with their tales connected *plastic little monkeys about an inch high*. Dean Jr. said, I KNEW GOD DIDN’T FORGET MY MONKEYS.  Turns out God knew my son better than I did.


Last Christmas, by a fluke, I ended up with a Christmas present for Winnie Joy.  She said it was the best Christmas present she had ever gotten. I did not have the money to buy a Christmas present for her.  IT JUST SHOWED UP!  I had to get up the nerve to tell her I didn’t buy it for her. It took me three days. She said I never should have told her, and it was the worst confession ever. BUT SHE LOVED THE TOY.  Now, for her birthday she wanted a BLU BLU,  I had no money, nothing on my debit card, but I felt led by the Lord to go to the store here where they sell it.  They are like 70 dollars!!  So I went there, they were out, I was happy. BUT THEY HAD A MINITURE ONE FOR 30 dollars!  Winnie Joy was estatic!  I was horrified.  I laid down my plastic deficit card, and VOILA! It cleared for the 30 dollar blu blue and WINNIES BIRTHDAY WAS THE BEST EVER so she says!


Unspiritual right?  I think it is totally spiritual. God’s eye is on the sparrow, it is on me.  It is on my kids.  Even their whimsical little desires, God sees as needs. He is God, I am not.

Prayer requests:
lives to be changed
toys for all of us
smooth transition for the 501c3
visiting teams
clarity of thinking
construction projects
Lucked out on yet another birthday party
Suprise visit from Cheli Young *lifetime missionary from L.A.M.*

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