14 Mar 2014, Pure Heart and WAITING

The Jewish prophet Isaiah said that “those who wait upon the Lord shall renew in strength”

Personally,Pure Heart031414 I hate waiting. Waiting in the way I read it made me weak and old, not stronger.

I told you this story before but it applies more than ever. I remember years ago in Managua, Winnie and I observed a guy waiting at a traffic light for hours. We kept passing him as we were shopping in the Mercado Oriental The third time we saw him we were leaving in a taxi. Then he suddenly reached into another taxi. There was a woman in the front seat. He snatched a large duffle bag off the lady’s lap and took off running and laughing. But then I noticed that all the bystanders were laughing. AND the lady was laughing. AND both taxi drivers were laughing. ( our and the lady’s). Then I noticed Winnie laughing. I was confused. Winnie told me everyone was laughing because the stupid thief stole a bag of dirty diapers (long before pampers came out down here) He waited and waited for nothing but a mess. Boy was he disappointed. He was definitely NOT any stronger.

For over 20 years I have been waiting and praying for the kids in the dump, and for ‘La Chureca’ to get better. Now, after huge changes, La Chureca ‘looks better’ but it’s the same old thing. Only difference is nice painted houses. But the problems and apathy are the same. It’s still a street gang/crime incubator. I am still serving the same families in the feeding center. Only difference is the kids I used to serve are now great grand parents. We ‘wait on’ the great grandchildren. What I waited for has been disappointing. Who we are WAITING ON is one of our greatest joys in life. Yes, waiting ON these kids does renew our strength.

Today it occurred to me. We are waiting ON the Lord. Not as the hyper-spiritual wait, by sitting on their thumbs saying ‘just wait’ as well as other ‘holy things’ that sound great. I feel we are waiting ON the Lord as a ‘waiter’ in a King’s dinner table ‘waits’ ON the King or the King’s children, anxiously watching anticipating to fulfill their every need.

here´s some videos from Pizza Friday

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