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Mark 5:36 Be not afraid, only believe…. Jesus

As I’m praying about this virus situation, I only have a great peace.  I am not afraid because I believe God exists, I know that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father, praying for me. His Holy Ghost is inside of me, consoling and guiding me.  Jesus isn’t wringing His hands with tension, My Father isn’t wiping His forehead with nervous perspiration. This whole thing did not take God by surprise.

God is doing something. Not a clue what, but it will be ok.  He can kill this virus as quickly as Satan started it, if we pray in faith, believing.  Maybe He just wants us to get on our knees and acknowledge Him.  But He will be glorified in the end, and IF we love Him, that’s a very good thing for us as well.

Romans 8:28 All things work together for good for those who love the Lord

Things are already working out for His good.  People are getting saved.  I think we will see a worldwide revival.  Families are getting closer. I think this ‘problem’ will soon be turned into a huge blessing.  There is no such thing as a blessing in disguise.  Although God turns curses into blessings, the curse in itself is never a blessing.  Curses ultimately come from Satan or his activity. Blessings only come from God. Our job is to pray in faith that God stops this virus, and all the panic and exaggeration (lies) that come with it.  We need to pray that God quickly and miraculously restores our economy.  We have to pray, without doubt, believing! On a side note; Many times, prayers don’t work because the person that is praying lies about other stuff.  He knows he’s a liar, so he doesn’t believe anything he himself says.  People that don’t believe themselves, don´t believe other people as well, including God.

Mark 11:24   Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Stop talking about how bad things are. Start talking about the good things God IS Doing right now.  Miracles are happening,.  More time and conversations are devoted to the Lord. If someone insists on talking negatively, that’s a great time to talk about God’s goodness and provisions.  If that doesn’t work, it’s a good time to politely put social distancing into practice.

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death.

The stakes are high. Your words can either speak life, or your words can speak death. Our tongues can build others up, or they can tear them down, killing their beliefs, making them afraid. The speaker is a listener to what he himself says as well.  Be careful of saying unbelieving things as well as listening to someone else say them.  You hear what you are saying just as much as the other guy.    It’s good to not believe negative people.   Misery loves company!  Don’t listen to negative things. Don’t talk negative things.

Negative people are usually fearful people. Fearful people idolize their fear.  Their fear becomes their truth.  Fear is NOT of God, ever. It always amazes me how people that are afraid get so mad when the person they are talking to isn’t afraid.  Afraid people love to recruit.

I am not afraid, because I believe. Being not afraid does mean that I am going to be presumptuous. I have faith that God is with me, yet I fasten my seat belt, drive safely, wash my hands, stay out of crowds. Not because I am afraid, but because I obey the authorities.  Plus I don’t want anyone to get sick because of my carelessness.  

Jesus said ‘don’t be afraid’ so I will be obedient to Him as well, because I believe in Him.  He is just as real to me as my wife and own kids are.  When I was a little baby, I was standing next to my mom in a lades clothing store.  Even at the age of 3, those places have a cryptonite affect on me.  In a daze, I fell to sleep on my feet.  I started to fall down, and  I took my mom´s hand.  It was stoney and cold.  I was standing next to a manican, not mom.  I ran through the store in a panic. Finally I found mommy. One second I was afraid, and immediately, when I knew mommy was with me, I stopped being afraid.  The moment I knew that Jesus was with me (A LOT MORE TRUSTWORTHY BTW), I stopped being afraid.

So for this week,I leave you with this. Just obey the authorities, wash your hands and believe in Jesus and His goodness.  Have faith, believe!  A willing heart produces hearing ears. Faith comes by hearing.

Isaiah 41:10 Do Not Fear for I am with you..God

Dean and Winnie Peters
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Marcos 5:36 No tengas miedo, solo cree … Jesús

Mientras oro por esta situación, solo tengo una gran paz. No tengo miedo porque creo que Dios existe, que Jesús está sentado a la diestra del Padre orando por mí, y Su Espíritu Santo está dentro de mí consolándome. Jesús no se retuerce las manos con tensión, mi Padre celestial no esta limpiando la frente de la transpiración nerviosa. Dios esta haciendo algo. Él puede matar este virus tan rápido como lo inició Satanás, si oramos con fe, creyendo.

Romanos 8:28 Todas las cosas funcionan juntas para bien para los que aman al Señor

La gente se esta recibiendo El Señor. Creo que veremos un avivamiento mundial por causa de este plaga.  Las familias se están acercando. Creo que este “problema” pronto se convertirá en una gran bendición. No hay tal cosa como una bendición escondido. Dios convierte las maldiciones en bendiciones. ¡Nuestro trabajo es orar con fe para que Dios pare eso y restaurar nuestra economía sin dudar, creyendo!

Marcos 11:24 Por eso te digo: Qué cosas deseas, cuando ores, cree que las recibirás y las tendrás. Deja de hablar de lo mal que están las cosas.

Comience a hablar sobre las cosas buenas que Dios ESTÁ haciendo en este momento. Si alguien insiste en hablar negativamente, ponga en práctica el distanciamiento social.

Proverbios 18:21 La lengua tiene el poder de la vida y la muerte.

Las apuestas son altas. Tus palabras pueden traer la vida, o tus palabras pueden traer la muerte. Nuestras lenguas pueden edificar a otros, o pueden derribarlos y matar sus creencias, haciéndoles tener miedo. Un fuego sin control duplica su tamaño cada minuto. El orador también es un oyente.

Siempre me sorprende cómo las personas que tienen miedo se enojan tanto cuando la persona con la que están hablando no tiene miedo. A la gente miedosa le encanta reclutar.

No tengo miedo, porque creo. Tengo fe, pero me abrocho el cinturón de seguridad, conduzco con seguridad, me lavo las manos, me mantengo alejado de las multitudes no porque tenga miedo, sino porque obedezco a las autoridades. Además, no quiero que nadie se enferme por mi desobediencia.  Jesús dijo “no tengas miedo”, así que también seré obediente a Él, porque creo en Él.

Jesus es tan real para mí como mi esposa y mis propios hijos. Entonces, para esta semana, obedezca a los expertos, lávese las manos y crea en Jesús y su bondad.

Dean and Winnie Peters
[email protected]

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