1 corinthians 11;24Jesus took the bread, and when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you:

God breaks stuff usually before He uses it.  He broke the 5 fishes and 2 pieces of bread and fed 5000 people. He was brought Myrh at his birth. That is a flower that is broken and gives out a beautiful smell to cover death.  God even broke the market place at the temple.  When Jesus died on the cross, HE tore the veil *broke it* that separated the Holy of Holies from the normal people.


I honestly think that the best thing that could have happened to me was to have lost a ministry.  I rejoice in it, and thank the Lord for that step backwards. God usually will not use anything unless it is broken.  He can of course, but He definitely did not use me at all.  I often read what other people post, and say. I listen to sermons and I cringe.  I see myself there, had it not been for His grace and mercy.


I often wonder about people that are too big for their britches, and I feel sorry for them.   I listen to their words, see the expressions on their face as they drive their perfect cars, to their perfect houses, to their perfect families.  I see them in the work place, and wonder, why is God letting them be so blind?  Why hasn’t God spanked them yet?  I almost wonder if God loves them.  Hebrew 12:6 says, ‘for whom the Lord loves, He chastens…  I know He had to chasten me!


Before someone is broken, they THINK they have it all together.  Paul tells us to not be thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to, but to think soberly.  *Romans 12;3″… in other words, if we think of ourselves more highly than we actually are, we are like drunks,, or better put, C.R.A.Z.Y.!  Without being broken, we are nuts. We think we are perfect, and people are blessed to just be around us.  ONCE we sober up *by being broken* we are useful.


Do you know how I recognize someone who is broken?  Just opinion, again.  From what I see, they LOVE children. They LOVE and tolerate other people who are broken themselves.  They are patient with people who are not perfect. They don’t use themselves as the ‘standard’.  


1 corinthians 10;12 says ‘take heed lest ye fall’.  If you haven’t been broken yet, I am glad. Make sure though that you don’t need to be chastened,, check yourself, check your pride.. if you have any kill it,, if you don’t ask the Lord to show you what you need to do to stay humble, look for it, look for the Lord,, look for ways to be obedient to God proverbs 16;8 says pride comes before the fall.

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