John 13:7
Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.
Jesus answered people when they tried to communicate with them. Pastors, and Christians, as a rule now days don’t. AS A MATTER OF FACT JESUS STILL ANSWERS US!
I love . 99% of it is just readings from the Bible, readings about missionary heroes of yesterday’s past, and hymns of old. I started listening to it on WFRS in Cleveland Ohio 50 years ago. Now I listen to it on my internet or smartphone.
When I am talking to Jesus *praying* about a situation, I get the answer by listening to family radio because of all the Bible readings, Hymns etc. Family Radio encourages me to stay in the Word, and most importantly to ‘Keep ‘my’ mind on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth;” as it says in Col 3:2.
What I LOVE MOST about family radio is that EVERY question I have ever sent, (probably hundreds over the past 50 years) been answered immediately either by the late president or vice president, or by really qualified staff. WOW!
In lieu of a recent HUGE scandal of a ministry/charity where hundreds of millions of dollars have been scammed, I would like to just point out a few criteria that has served me in the past when looking for a charity, a church, or a pastor/spiritual guide.
1. Do they have the common courtesy to return a phone call, email or letter quickly?
2. Do they answer the above in a non-defensive and open manner?
3. Do they show their goals and spending habits to any one who asks?
4. Do they share problems and concerns?
5. Do they have the decency to say THANK YOU to donaters?
One pastor’s favorite motto is, IF YOU DON”T TRUST ME WITH YOUR MONEY DON’T TRUST ME WITH YOUR SOUL. That is the same kind of attitude inferred by the founder of this huge ministry in today’s scandal.
His claim to fame was that Americans were to give him money for his overseas mission, and they had no right to ask for accountability.
I have met the founder of this agency many times, and he never met these basic guidelines. He insisted that I worked for him. I never did.
So, I write all that to say, love the Lord, talk to Him, ask HIM who you should listen to , who you should help, and where you should attend.
Be careful, there are lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Anyways, dear friends, spread the Word!
Dean AndWinnie Peters

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