I go through my rumbo and develop the word of the day. I seek the key word in the concordance, and write, Like FUN, there is no word for today in the Bible either. ‘DEPRESSED’
David, Jonah, and many more people in the Bible went through depression. Jesus Himself was called a Man of Sorrows. I love Psalms because King David starts many Psalms in a depressed state, and ends up almost shouting for joy.
The Winnies are in the states this week, and they were coming back tonight, but they got bumped. My elderly Aunt Mary fell down and has a possible brain bleed. Finances are worse than awful. Cars are broke. Most of the stuff in the house is broke. Dean Jr is living and studying in the USA. Our new parrot isn’t talking to me. I had to fire a staff member. School hasn’t started yet, so the house is empty. I blew my diet, my neighbor is dying of cancer and I am not sleeping.
The Bible does not use the word ‘depressed’ just like the Bible does use the word ‘fun’ although if you follow the Lord, and His Word, you will be depressed, and you will have fun. True LOVE includes BOTH. Crazy love for other will
Bill Gates said once that nothing bothered him. Now THAT is depressing. It says a lot about a person that has everything and is not depressed about somethings that are going on in the world like famine, ISIS, war, disease, etc.
Depression is interacted with living and breathing just like fun is. Being depressed and having fun is like sand in the cement of life. All part of the package. If someone tells you that they are never depressed just little, they’re not being very honest. Especially if they are living a full life in the abundance of Jesus Christ.
The antidote for depression is FUN.
The best cure for depression is random acts of kindness. The reason is, it’s FUN! It’s cliche, but it is true. There is nothing more fun and uplifting than being kind to random people. Especially when it is undeserved. The grander the gesture, the more fun it is. Once you open your mouth and brag about it, it let’s all the air out of the balloon. A lady once prayed for me. She said whenever she prayed for me, she saw foot prints in the desert and saw there was water in them and had life growing out of it. I don’t know if that’s what she told all the boys, but I know it resonated with me. It is a welcome image in my spiritual walk and through life. God guides us into dry spells, and desert experiences because He loves us, and uses these experiences as Deuteronomy 8:2 says ‘to show us what is in our hearts’. Personal attention from the creator of the universe!
Now, I get to go pick up my Winnies at the airport in a day or two max. I have a wife and kids that love me. I really love them and miss them. I have some friends coming down to stay with us soon. I have other friends writing me telling me that they are praying for us. I have a Saviour that Loves me so much He died for me. Doing my accounting, I see we have everything paid up to date, or ‘in the mail’. God is good. Enough of the pity party and now let’s have fun! God is in control. He is good, and He has shown me what is in my heart. Life is good.
Dean Peters

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