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Nicaragua Children Ministry 1From the Hearts of Dean & Winnie Peters

We are setting up the association in Nicaragua. River of Life is helping us with donations, receipts and website. Mike Lauer was down here with me helping us to help children in Nicaragua.

The name comes to us after with so many child prostitutes. Although they appear to be enjoying their lifestyles, when get to know them, they are still innocent children. Really, as pure, if not purer than kids in the states on many levels. It is heart breaking.

Average income for adults in Nicaragua is 3 dollars a day. Children make 1 dollar a day average. So, with prices being almost the same as in the states for the basic essentials of life, everyone works, and even then, it is not enough.. Usually a family makes just enough for supper, then back to work the next day to make enough for supper the next night.
Our aim is to prepare these kids for better lives. The Bible in Proverbs says if you don’t have enough money, you are tempted to steal (or do anything else to survive).Nicaragua Children Ministry 7

We feel if we LOVE them first, they they will see the Lord in us. We want to start with NON conditional love. Whether they are Christians or not, we love them all equally. Irregardless or their race, religion, orientation, we want to pour Jesus’ love on them. They see they are loved, instead of being judged, the chance of them loving the Lord is that much greater.

We are starting a school next month, pre k to 2nd grade. Meals included. Street kids are free, kids with parents pay a little, but not much. We want to have an orphanage for the worst cases within a year. I know kids NOW who need a safe place to sleep. We are also doing vocational tech, which is mainly teaching food service. The food industry is the most thriving in Nicaragua it seems. If you can work in food service here, you will always have food for your families, and will always have a job.


We will not rule with an iron hand. If a child is disruptive, or coercing other children to be bad, we just replace them with ones that want a better life. No anger, no punishment. Instead, we give the them opportunity to get out of addictions, pick pocketing, begging, human trafficking, prostitution, drug running or other types of criminal activities. I have witnessed first hand many times kids getting banned from a work because of a mistake right off the bat. I don’t think that works. When a kid gets kicked out of an event, or doesn’t get a samaritan’s purse box because he refuses to be a phony and ACT like he’s a Christian, you have lost him for life probably.

We are doing as much as possible now, but our funds are extremely limited.

We are setting up the association in Nicaragua. River of Life is helping us by giving us a outlet for legal, charitable donations, as well as a covering of sorts. Mike Lauer was down here with me helping us to help children in Nicaragua.

Sincerely Dean and Winnie



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