Finding God in All We Do

Today I helped the vegetable guy pull his hand cart,, (he´s like 1/3 my weight, and around 70 years old. Man, I pushed that thing for about a mile,, wheeeeeeeeze!!!! i will never look at a vegetable handcart pusher with the same light. They are in superb olympic condition. Their work is so arduous it totally humbles me. That cart was like 200 lbs, and the wheels didn´t work good, and almost all up hill. I can´t believe all the years that I have lived in third world countries that I have never pushed one. I have to help more of these guys. Just pushing the cart for them is a pleasure, and they are wide open to the good news of Jesus when you push their cart with them. Jesus told us to do that, and to be happy about it. I also felt like the yoked oxen. So many parables came to my mind, I was filled with joy to be able to help. I was honored that he let me help him.

The misery here where we live is deafening sometimes. God IS their only hope and refuge. Even IF they are not starving to death, we are so blessed to be able to help them with their difficult lives. Our children´s feeding center is doing well, we just open our doors to the whosoevers. Usually looks like someone just lifted a large rock. There is only ONE mental health hospital in the whole country, and NO hospitals have psyche wards. So crazy people are just walking around, freaking everyone out. So, the children´s feeding center is usually having one or two guys or ladies that are a little off their rockers. The school lady frowned on it, so we MAY have to just give them lunch bags. I just HATE turning people away. Some of these are the same guys and girls I worked with when we USED to have a feeding center at CC Managua.

School is starting on monday. We have six solid enrollees, but once the school opens, we´ll be flooded with people registerring. I feel bad about the restaurant being closed,, It was a great Dean idea, but apparently NOT a God idea.

At SchoolMe, Dean Jr. and Gorda are teaching English. Monday´s lesson plan is A is for Apple, (3-5 years olds)

Poochie´s dad has been a nightmare this week. His leg swelled up like a tomatoe, I had to take him into the ER twice, and ended up having to give him three shots. I was absolutely petrified that he was going to loose it.

I´ve been to the doctor a lot this week myself, but I think I´m fixed now.. it was a nightmare too. None of us had been to doctors nor dentists in a looong time, so we have to get checked. When they checked me they found a lot of stuff, but it´s all better now, Lord willing.

It is such a joy to help the kids in the dumps, my drunks and crazy people, the fact that winnie is helping me, it´s all good.

Rather than dowloading everything, you can look at this FB address and see photos and videos from this week. I am out of dropbox space too, so I don´t know what I am going to do, except just use fb as my cloud.


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