There is never just one FrontLine

2 Samuel 11:15  David wrote: “Put Uriah on the front lines where the fighting is the hardest. Then leave him there alone, and let him be killed in battle.” EHV.

We know the story.   King David was on the roof top, sluffing off in a time when the kings went to battle.   He wasn’t on the front lines.  He might of rationalized it saying I already killed 10,000 enemies for God.  My knees hurt.  I need a vacation.  I’m the boss and I just Feel like Letting others do it for me.  Whatever the excuse, his vacant mind (another front line) became the playground of the devil. (Minds are not Designed to be empty!  They must be filled constantly with something, either good or bad).  So David was on the roof, thinking of nothing, until he saw The wife of Uriah, one of his best friends,  bathing herself.   He got her pregnant and sent Uriah to the front lines of the physical battle so that he would be killed, supposedly to remedy the King’s adulterous predicament.  

Two lessons in one here!

1.  Nature hates a vacuum, in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical one.  Keep your mind on the Lord, meditating on Him and on His Word day and night, and you’re mind won’t be a vacuum. But How?  By Talking to God. Talking about Him to others. Listening to Him, or to praise music or to a good Godly message. Obeying Him. (In this case David should have been with his soldiers in field).   He was being lazy and at the time he let his guard down, mentally and physically.  his mind was empty (a vacuum), and so Satan had a chance to get in there and make King David’s life absolutely miserable.  If you don’t keep your mind full of good things (Phillipians 4:8) and  obey God, problems and even mental illness happen.  Deuteronomy 28

2. There is no one, singular front line.   That’s why it’s lines instead of line.  The more front lines you have, the better chance of the enemy to win. Vietnam and AFG have reiterated to us that militarily fact.   There have never been only one front line as a matter of fact.  That why it’s called ‘front lines’ (plural).

when you grt dragged into one war, there is always the Possibility of getting dragged into another one. There are an estimate of 80 wars going on simultaneously in the world at any given time.   For some reason the invasion of the Ukraine has captured America’s attention. Many missionaries think of it as The front line for evangelism because it’s so widely reported and televised.    Sure!  Many are called by God to help as Christians (not to fight, the Russian invaders aren’t saved, we should pray for them, not kill them.)  The valient Ukrainian people have captured America’s heart. (I personally think it’s because the victims are blond haired and blue eyed, plus there’s political agendas, ergo tons of TV , News And social media coverage).  

Food for thought. There is no outrage, as there should be, over the treasonous, cowardly betrayal of the Afghanis and the torture & mass murders going on In Kabul right now. The reason that AFG is ignored simply is because AFG is ignored by the media because it isn’t convenient for the president’s popularity contest.

Politicians (and therefore the Main Stream Media) are interested in the horrific and terrible Russian invasion into the Ukrainian territories, so it’s on CNN.  The politicians have interest in it, so they are making the american public interested.  Missionaries, please Be guided by God, not CNN.   Modern Christianity 101.  Just because it’s a good thing to do, maybe God wants You somewhere else.  Do not let others Or emotions lead you, that’s God’s job.

Note that when something is not convenient to politicians it is never Ever in the news.  That’s why I don’t follow it.  There is a battle For my mind.  There’s a front line in my Thoughts. I put a bouncer there to not let lies and negativity in.  I walk past a tv with the news and i tune it out.   I try to scroll past the news in fb without stopping.   Protect your mind from lies.

Satan’s target is your mind.  Satan’s weapon is his lies. We all should Have learned By now that the Main Stream Media Is proven to be liars, untrustworthy at best. News has been that way since Ted Turner started Cable News, always with an agenda.  The news and statistics nowadays don’t keep people informed, it just pushes agendas.

Americans, in general, for example, are not aware of what is going on in Eritrea, Sudan, Congo, Syria, The Karen indians, Iraq, Venezuela, the Amazons,Damascus etc. because they don’t see it on the news.   out of site, out of mind.  Many don’t even know those countries exist.  After all, there’s 197 of them.

Every one and his mother are now aware of The Russian invasion (because of tv) so they running to the physical front lines of Ukraine to help (because they are truly led by God), or to just see and experience a combat type environment. they see it on TV and it’s A popular theme.  Some are guided by God, absolutely, but a lot aren’t. They’re Guided by emotion or curiosity.   I have personally been in combat a few times, so I am not a big fan of it.   The smells alone wreck you for life.  

While I am praying, personally supporting and grieving for my good Ukrainian friends stuck over there, I am acute  aware that extreme suffering is Happening all over the world, at this very moment. these circumstances, unfortunately, have been happening around the world (80 wars) since the beginning of humanity, 6000 years ago and counting.   People only care about what they are aware of.  Biased news makes them aware and or unaware of problems.  we can only focus on, pray about and give so much.   Be led by the Spirit.

All too often, The front line defense of Christian mind’s are loosing ground because they have bad intel (lies) and they are physically going to where their bad intel/emotions Lead them.  (Not the Spirit of God). I’ve noticed The same strange Occurrence for the past 30 years. 50 million Christians falling all over each other in one place, and absolutely no one in another place of need.

most Missionaries go where God calls Us, (in my case Nicaragua), not to be Globetrotters. Until He tells me to go somewhere else, I am firmly planted here. But I am always on the frontline, just as is the housewife in Ohio or the auto worker in Detroit.   A true Christian is always on the front lines (spiritually as well as physically) wherever they are because God sent him or her there.  we all have a real life enemy (Satan) who isn’t playing around.  We don’t have to travel the World looking for him or front Lines of conflict.  God will put you where He wants to IF your mind is Yielded to Him.

Battles are won and lost on these physical, Spiritual and mental front lines that God has set up for each one of His children.   Most of the time that these battles are lost is because someone believed Satan’s lies. It seems that the front line of our mind is The most critical to defend. if it’s lost we will have no guidance where to go.

That brings me to my point.  David neglected his two front lines.  Not only The ‘physical war’ front lines where as a King and leader  he should have been.  If He had obeyed God, he would have been where he was supposed to be and his mind Would be occupied with more important things than being a common peeping Tom.   David’s mind was empty, so he was  tempted, and failed.   We have all been there. David wasn’t where he was supposed to be, physically nor mentally.  He was AWOL. The most dangerous place in the world is to be is in a place where God has not called you to be.  If God has not specifically called you to Nicaragua or to the Ukraine or to your next door neighbor, don’t go!   If He hasn’t guided you to give, witness or even to pray, DON’T.  

We have Limited Funds and limited time.  one of our front lines is deciding where to give our tithes and offerings.  Another is to where to spend our time praying.  Quality not quantity is how you win on the front lines Of life and Of wars. Lots of people pray for me and I greatly appreciate it.  I know for a fact that I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for the sincere prayers of many many sm saints.    There are people who just tell me that they pray for me, for Whatever reason. maybe they do, maybe they don’t.   If they do, it’s often just on a long prayer list that they’re Speed Reading every morning.  I gave up prayer lists when It took 2 hours to speed read through it.  Reading the Bible through in a year is the same thing. I end up speed reading and ignoring things I need to dwell on, where the Word of God speaks to me.  Speed reading is not a spiritual discipline. If someone was really praying for me, you’d think they would answer a short text or email.  

God never guides by emotion.   He guides by His Spirit. God will let you know what He wants you to do if you are still and wait upon Him.  There will be no doubt of God’s will (note, it’s private.  Don’t let someone browbeat you into Doing something God called THEM to do.

Nicaragua might not be your physical front line, but your marriage might be.   Ukraine might not be as important to God for you as your witness in your workplace.  I do know one thing though, if you aren’t where God wants you to be physically, you won’t be where He wants you to be mentally or physically either.

I tried to buy insurance from a guy once.   He sat me down in a restaurant and went on and on about how God had called him 20 years ago to go to Costa Rica as a missionary but he didn’t stay on the field because the volcanoes there scared him.   Still!  20 years later!   The poor man was still not right in the head. (And he lost a sale to boot ! ) I believe if he went to Costa Rica right now, 20 years later, and faced his fears of the volcanoes there by trusting in God, his mind would be made right and His life would be full to overflowing.   If you are where God wants you to be your mind will be focused on God (if you want it to be.  demonstrated by letting it be, and keeping guard over it). you’ll be spiritually fine.  Likewise, if you are fighting and winning on the front lines of your mind/spirit, God will lead you to exactly where He wants you to be.

◄ Romans 8:14 ►For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Bottom line, we must be aware of our minimum of two front lines.  Parents and spouses and another couple of front Lines.   Pastors have a a couple hundred front lines. We need to fortify the line that is weakening.  When you take care of one front, you’ll be able to handle All of them.   If you neglect one, all will fall.    The biggest and most important front is the mind.  

My pastor once told a lady in a mental hospital to ‘meditate on the Lord day and nigh’t.   She said ‘I can’t think about something all the time.’   He said ‘yes you can!  firstly, because of the fact that God told you to, we know it’s possible, and secondly, you are thinking about something all the time anyway.  I know that to be true because that’s why you are in a mental hospital.  You are thinking about the wrong thing. Just change the channel!’

Psalm 1:2 whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his Day and Night!

There are Lots of needs every where.  we are all affected.  You would be surprised how many ways you can help us to help these children.

we need the following.

1. A post card sending campaign (send a few postcards a day) to our old PureHeart friends reminding them about us, there’s a list of 3500 of people who came to visit us over the years that I’ve lost touch with.

2.  Proofread and evaluate two books I’ve written. Co-Authorring is fine.

3.  Social media Ninjas to help us to spread the word more effectively through the top 5 social media platforms.

4. Sponsors for Christian English students (25 a month per student). They learn english to get jobs at calls in call centers and as translators.

5. Missionary training (Nicas are the perfect international missionary) 25 dollars a month per missionary trainee

6.  Pre-School Students.  Pay for one our precious pre-school students in our fully accredited pre-school (30 dollars a month includes 2 meals and classes)

7. AWANA youth group, 10 dollars a month per student (includes food and materials)

8.  Feed a hungry child a nutritious home cooked meal with juice. .33 cents per kid per meal

9. Buy PureHeartChildren’sFund a small wall projector run off of a smart phone

10.  Grant writers, fund raisers and charity organization expert.  

11.  Provide college scholarships (25 a month). We have dozens of people in this program, and hundreds of graduates.   Many teachers, professionals, dentists, optometrists, Drs, lawyers, engineers are a product of this program.

12. An above ground pool for swimming lessons and baptisms.

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