Matthew 14:25. Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

Jesus sent His guys out into the sea in a boat. Then He sent a storm, or He knew that one was coming. In the midst of the storm, when the desciples were fearing for their lives, He came out to save the day.

God-incidences. God-incidences happen when you GET OUT of your comfort zone! First step is to get out of the house. Second step is to be aware of the suffering around you.

Going out into the storms is where Jesus sends you. Jesus, although He is Omnipresent, tends to make His presences more tangible when you are in a struggle. He makes His True Character known to you when you are out there doing what He told you to do. He ‘showed up’ at one church service, when 10 of the disciples were hiding after He was Crucified. He said, Get Out!

If you recall, I had a little neighbor who found a hand grenade in his yard, and while playing with it, it exploded and he lost an eye. A team came down with a glass eye a few years ago. Last week,Roger’s prosthetic eye started giving him problems. This week Through the Eyes of Children were here, and they helped Roger. The same people who miraculously came up with Rogers eye 2 years ago, just so happened to show up once ot started to give him problems.

God-incidences happen when people are out there on a limb, because Jesus sent them there, and when things go wrong, Jesus comes and saves the day

Wow, it was a long day. Kids church, neighbors dying, roger, wakes, whew, glad today is over, happy to have been out there, happy to be back inside

God is good


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