God Is Love – John 4:8

God is with you through your friends that help you.

I don´t know if that´s written down somewhere, or something I just made up,, but it´s true, no matter how you turn it. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, Love of Godit´s all about love. People that love and are loved have better lives and live longer. We believe that God is love.

We want to be evidence of that Love, without conditions. We want to build or buy a building in the center of the worst part of Managua, and probably central america, the Oriental Market. We want to bring in any kid that wants help, no matter what they believe, or what their orientations are. We want to help them to make the right decisions, feed them, take care of them, provide for them, befriend and help them without any conditions other than obeying our simple household rules.

The love a father has for a son is amazing, I never understood that til I had a son. Or,
in this case, the love little Poochie has for his dad,, working me to get something to eat for his dad. How can you resist,, FORGIVE THE BAD SPANISH!


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