Timeliness is a man thing, not a Jesus thing.

Waves of kids never stop. There will always be MORE late ones than punctual ones.

Do you know that Jesus never yelled at any one for being late? It’s because He was late sometimes too!

Yup, Jesus was LATE from time to time. Even when he was told that Lazarus was sick. He intentionally took His time getting there, so God would be glorified. Jesus was late, Lazarus died, and Jesus Thanked His Heavenly Father.

John11: 6 When he *JESUS* had heard therefore that he *LAZARUS* was sick, he abode two days still in the same place where he was….*INTENTIONALLY DRAGGING HIS FEET* 32 Then when Mary was come where Jesus was, and saw him, she fell down at his feet, saying unto him, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died…..40 Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? 41….. I thank thee *FATHER* that thou hast heard me.

More relationships have been destroyed between missionaries and the people they are supposed to serve because of this word, LATE!

Impatience is lack of faith. God’s timing is perfect, and He always is glorified. One thing about working with central american children is that you have to be laid back. These kids come at you wave after wave, all with a fresh source of energy. You need patience, and you need to keep thanking our heavenly or whatever He is bringing to you.The LAST kid, 3 hours late, may be the biggest blessing of your life.

As in car sales, as in the military, in Christian life, you NEVER know WHO or WHAT is just around the corner. Most of my biggest victories, and many of my best friendships have happened JUST because SOMEONE was late! Lateness is a man made issue or point of contention. If you look at it right, lateness can be God’s plan. Just roll with it, and keep an expecting eye open.

JESUS never yelled at people for being late. He didn’t even give them the STINK EYE! I am positive of it.

Americans, Germans, people like that are hyper punctual. It’s not good, either for our health, nor for our relationships. Again, late, as in being late is never brought up in the Bible. I have seen at LEAST 50 good relationships totally destroyed because of someone being late. The person that is upset about the other person being late is prideful. Not to argue, but it is true. Especially if it is an american trying to deal with a latino. Americans are not missionaries to hispanics to make them punctual. 1. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE,,, It will never happen. 2. You can teach people about Jesus, or teach people american business ethics and business way of doing things. Americans, because their pride, are hurt. Then they set out to teach the ‘latino’ a lesson. As a result BOTH loose. Likewise, being late is also prideful. Being late chronically is saying, ‘my time is more important than yours’. AND ‘I am in control, you can’t control me’ Either way, on either side of the fence Jesus is not glorified, or even resembled.

If you are an american living in a hispanic country, be at your appointments on time. Be respectful, but bring a good book or great WIFI connection. KNOW that they other party is going to be one or two hours late, it is a given. If you are wrong, you are pleasantly surprised and have made a friend for life. If you are right, you get to get caught up on TONS of work. Latinos, living with or working with Americans or Germans? DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE US EITHER,


Being punctual is important with business, work etc. I am not discounting it. IT IS something that we teach for employability, but it is NOT A SPIRITUAL PROBLEM!

If it didn’t worry Jesus, it should not worry us.

We all have 1 appointment in the future that is IMPOSSIBLE to be late for. Our appointment with God. Instead of worrying about being late, it is more important to be READY for that appointment. Arguing over punctuality is NOT a way to prepare for our meeting with our Maker.

Dean Peters


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