OpinionsPure Hear Nicaragua 12014 are important. Everyone has one. I have learned over the years that MY OPINION isn´t necesarily the RIGHT opinion. It took a while for that to sink in.

Jesus seemed to ALWAYS heard the person out when they came to Him. He LISTENED to them, not just HEARD them. He did that because HE loved them. I´ve been trying to do that more. Both LISTENING and LOVING.

When an unknown toddler comes up to me with his or her 3 year old babble, I really try to listen to what they say. I used to just say, ´si si si´ and walk away. But it is really important to them to be heard. I know I have hurt some little feelings by doing that. That is NOT my mission. My mission is to show each and every one of them that Jesus loves the little children. You show them that by placing importance on their opinions.

You express love to adults as well when you REALLY listen to someone´s opinion, EVEN IF IT´s completely contrary to what you believe, you´ll probably see things in a different light. IF you are afraid of being swayed, you´ll plug your ears and start yelling when someone says something contrary to what you believe. If you do that, you´re probably unsecure on what you believe in the first place. We are called to love the unlovely, those who are different than us. Not to reach out to those who are like us.

Again, just my opinion.


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God bless you guys,


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