8oct15 Opposites

Pureheart 101515Wouldn’t it make life more simple and less messy if we were more likely to be drawn to people whose personalities were more like our own, rather than those who are more likely to be our polar opposite? Still, opposites attract. Here’s a perfect example, Jesus. Jesus is perfect, we are not. He is attracted to us, He attracts us to Him. Jesus, through the Bible teaches truth. The world teaches the opposite.

Everything about following Jesus is opposite to our fleshly desires what the world teaches.
Jesus has taught us to:

-love the unloveable
-the invisible is real/eternal, and the visible is only temporary
-turn the other cheek instead of hitting back
-diminish instead of increase
-become invisible instead of being visible
-forgive instead of resent
-respond instead of react
-be guided instead of plan
-act instead of worry
-rejoice in problems instead of grieve
-donate instead of save
-relationships instead of religion
-help enemies instead of hurt them
-avoid temptation instead of caving in
-communicate instead of excommunicate
-give instead of take
-others first instead of ourselves
-pray for people who hurt you
-go out of your way in helping someone who demands work from you
-if someone asks you for something, give him twice as much
-defend the defenseless
-help the helpless

I long to be like that..following the teachings of Jesus… to diminish and become invisible where the only result of what we are doing is to see people love and glorify God….

In other words, when the world (the flesh) gives you advice, smile, nod your head, and do the exact opposite.

here is Winnie feeding the kids, boring, i know, but it is the exact opposite of what we would be doing if we weren’t followers of Jesus.
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