John 20:4
So they ran both together: and the other disciple did outrun Peter, and came first to the sepulchre.

I just saw a very snide comment by a christian lady today. Her comments are always self glorifying, and demeaning to others. Today she was making fun of those who have small children, taking them to easter egg contests etc. She, and some other christians seem to spend all their time ridiculing others instead of looking for Jesus. I have know this lady for almost her whole Christian life. She has always been this way. Are people like that true believers? I don’t know. But I do know one thing, You can’t look forJesus and look at others at the same time. When you finally see Jesus, you WILL see others afterwards, but in a totally different light.

The picture below is of John and Peter racing to the empty tomb. I love this. I saw it at my friend, Pastor Gordon Wilmot‘s many years ago. I said, “I WANT THAT!” Gordon and I have both been missionaries for many decades, working with indians, and the impoverished people of central and south america. Gordon Wilmot said, NO, you can’t have my picture. I said, not the picture, the REVERENCE! I want that hushed reverence that I see in the faces of John and Peter as they were looking for the Lord. That look of expectation, that bubbling sense of Joy.

I used to run cross country. When you ran cross country, if you looked to the side you slowed down. We used to do anything possible to distract the runner in front, including spit on the guy we wanted to pass. If you looked to the side, you lost your pace. John just HAD to say in the verse above,, I WON!

This is a picture of an intense race. Neck to neck. But they didn’t need to worry about looking to the side. They were FOCUSED on their goals. You can see in their faces disbelief, unbelief, belief, anticipation and a dare to hope at the same time. They are not looking around. They are not judging. They are not worried about how they look. They are not thinking of others. They only want to see if Jesus and His promises are true. They have invested their lives in the Lord, and THIS is their payday~ This is OUR payday.

Focus on the empty tomb,, don’t let others disway you. Don’t fight along the way. Outrun yourself on the way to the empty tomb.

Jesus is alive.


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