Peters' FamilyThe old saying, ´if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans´.  I kind of plan, but with a very loose hold on things.  God does what He wants, when He wants to.  I have a general idea, but have learned over the years to just go with the flow.

Great News!  Kara and Ashes to Beauty ministries has helped us get Denis into our PreK, you will see him in the slide show below.. love that little boy.

We are going to the states the 18th of August for about a month,, We are taking the shortest route back possible, (except in Honduras, where the border guards arrested me last year).  I will scoot around that one, to el Espino, but other than that, a direct shot.  God has his plans,, and as long as I know that, and remember that, things go a LOT easier.  That´s why we are admonished to put in the clause ´Lord Willing´ as we say we will do things. God has the final word. When people try to pin me down on exact dates, I feel like I am being tempted to sin, because I can´t promise anything. (especially the way I drive!)
Here is my route back,, we are picking up the donated van in Newark, then driving to salisbury md, (to get necessary documentation for my residency here in Nicaragua (again).  Then through PA to Ohio, to see my mom.  (pray for her, she´s ill).  Then a straight shot to Oklahoma (we are open to seeing people along the way, just let me know and we will work with it.) After a few days in Oklahoma we are going straight south, through San Antonio – Austin crossing the border (Lord Willing) in Laredo.  Dropping from Laredo we hope to make SLPotosi by nightfall and spend a few days there with Christ is the Answer tent.  From there, 3 days to Guatemala, a day into El Salvador, into Honduras (avoiding the Gausales border because there is where I had problems the last time, and into Managua.  It´ll be good family time. Pray for traveling mercies.  here´s our route,,  if anyone one is anywhere near our route, we would love to see you, even if just for a cup of coffee.

Here is a slide show of the  River of Life Give Away at  Berta hosptial for free deliveries here in Managua, thank you Dawn and Sef Piardi

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