When I look back at my 56 years of living, the people that I thought were going to be my best allies turned out to be big disappointments.

Bully or Friend Pure Heart Nicaragua
Bully or Friend 

Also, my “play ground bullies” turned out to be a real blessing in my life. I wish nations would figure that out before they rush off to kill each other.

Our “playground bullies”, I affectionately call the “knuckleheads” are turning into our most loyal guys. One is even going to be the next president of Nicaragua!

Winnie, through the help of the Lord, is still continuing to pull the “DIAMONDS out of the mud”.

God is good, His ways are higher than our ways.

Our Cofounder David Cadia Lewites is working on a 50k prize from Univision TV with his coffee exportation plan, he´s in the semi finals.. pray for him. Here´s his raise for the 1k he needs to get there.
With much love in Jesus

Dean, Winnie, David, Loren and Beatriz


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