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Happy New Years, GFslL8VaBwTyDf7Ajz-gPx4a9_yLgEBHR7CqeYgPGnUY=w381-h228-p-nowell, at least I can say one thing for it, it made all of us stronger (those of us who survived it anyway)

We all need to improve this year. I want to be more orderly and considerate. IF you are getting these emails, and want off, let me know.. I will understand. If you get put back on for some reason later on, please remind me to take you off again.

Another thing I want is more power in my witness for Jesus Christ.

When I was a kid, I asked my dad for weights to get more power in my arms. He told me if i wanted to build my arm muscles that I should take out the garbage more often. So much wisdom in that. Little things, constantly done, build power.

POWER has been on my mind today because the electricity has been out all day.

So we went to church last night..( with extremely high expectations of receiving some kind of power to energize me, to help me to even LIKE going to church again, however dubious)… as everytime…. even when I open the Bible to read the Word. I actually tremble with anticipation. Wanting more power than ever to be transformed into God’s image,,,, to be more pleasing to Him…. but always ending in in what seems to be a dissappointment.

This is my 22 new year as a true believer in Jesus. Always a very anti climatic event.

Last night was no different.

After 3+ hours of back slapping, hugging, hand shakes, false smiles, endless prayers, preaching, positive afirmations, proclamations , singing, emotional mood swings, dancing, clapping, more preaching , more endless prayers and hooo hawing….. it ended as it always ends ,,, stark raving emptiness and an over all let down.

Not to be mean or prideful, and I am repentant as I say this, but I am always reminded of the guy Jesus said who walked into the Temple praying to HIMSELF, or of the old testament prophet who mocked the heathen rituals of the priests of a false god.

So, I was just sitting there, trying in vain to have a good attitude and really trying to be attentive, to receive something (anything) REALLY from the Lord , (have I told you I am scarred?)

I was totally bored out of my skull. I pray to God that I get over this hump.

If any thoughts came to my head it was doubt, and negative memories of all the hurt i have seen at the hands of the religious my whole life. As a homeless kid once said to me… church is great the first couple of times…. until the genuine smiles start to fade. I have seen the smiles fade,, and the aftermath is downright ugly.

SUDDENLY the Lord reminded me that I had some good friends in this church, And that we are all struggling with the truth that we have… trying to make it work. Then I remembered all of my true brothers and sisters who have been really faithful friends to me over the years. Only a few, not a lot, but those faithful friends and family are the real deal. The quality of their love and faithfulness to God and to me is overwhelming. MY WIFE.. MY KIDS…A FEW MEMBERS OF MY EXTENDED FAMILY, AND YOU GUYS WHO PRAY FOR US AND ENCOURAGE US AND HELP US.. You people keep us going . YOU GUYS SHOW US THE SUSTAINING POWER OF GOD

Then God reminded me of something CS Lewis said. “Everyday seems the same…nothing changes…. except when you look back over a long period of time…then you can see that everything has changed”

The same way YOU, my immediate family, my friends, some people in my church, and a few member of my extended family have been there for US, WE can be there for OTHERS. Just as the Lord reminded me of YOU, He can remind OTHERS of US! Our work is to do nothing but be there, consistantly.

Hummm, guess I got some kind of POWER last night after all.

There is life transforming Power in the Lord. HE DOES CHANGE YOUR SORROW INTO JOY, YOUR WEEPING INTO GLADNESS.

HANG IN THERE AND ABIDE IN HIM. Let us be CONSTANT is showing God and His consistancy to OTHERS., There IS power in believing.



Enjoy a video from our PreK graduation,, Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory!

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  1. Amanda Truitt says: Reply

    I totally understand where you are coming from about church. I am only a new Christian about 2 years. But I grew up in church and saw how fake it was. I was fake. I have this new hunger, new contentment for Christ. I look around, and no one is excited. Everyone is judging others…. NO love. It’s just a ritual. It’s heartbreaking.

    1. thank you AMANDA,, with YOU in the church you can not say that any more! Because YOU are excited. All God wants is your disposicion to Love Him and to Serve Him… an excited heart for Jesus is contagious!

      God bless you


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