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Millions pray all over the world, and it simply does not work.

Prayer in itself, like sending good positive thoughts etc. does not work. It is empty and worthless unless it is in the presence of the one and true Holy God.

Matthew 26:40
And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?

Prayer, with Jesus, does work! As a matter of fact, it is vital to the life of any believer.  It is necessary for the life of everyone really, because without Jesus there is no life.

Prayerlessness is a terminal yet curable disease. A life of prayerlessness to our Living Lord is the first and the most dangerous disease that any of us can get.  At the same time it is the easiest to cure.

Many other diseases and problems come along with prayerlessness.

When we pray in earnest we are taking care of our relationship with God.   When our relationship with God is right, all other relationships seem to work out as well.

This happens WHEN I DO NOT PRAY to Our Heavenly Father on a daily, continuous basis;

1. I have less and less of a desire for God.

2. I “stress out” as the world sucks me dry.

3. I have a loss of ongoing purification in my heart and soul.

4. I find that it becomes hard to pray.

5. Other things fill God’s place.

6. I cease to have a close relationship with God.

7. In crisis, I turn to psychology instead of prayer, or I just give in to the crisis.

8. I begin to look around for other gods to fill the void in my heart.

9. I lose focus and purpose in life.

10. I live a practical atheism, professing to believe in God, but living without Him.

11. God does not bring joy to my heart.

12. I experience emptiness.

13. I go on the lookout for someone or something to affirm me instead of God.

14. I get involved with things in order to feel good about myself.

15. I cease to think about eternal life and focus on this world’s concerns.

16. I do not witness to others about the Lord.

17. I usually become a stumbling block to others.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

May the Lord help us to pray without ceasing. It is possible, because He tells us to do so. Not only all during the day but also for the first hour of the day when you get up. Spend it on your knees, seeking Him,  Do you do it?  Any habit takes 2 weeks to take.  Try it for two weeks straight, no time off.  You will thank me.

Help! Not bragging, just showing the needs

Besides feeding 100’s & schooling children for free, and in spite of our own problems, desire or needs, Winnie and I, as a team (for free);

1. are a 24/7/365 ambulance for whomsoever

2. teach the Word of God daily. I am an ordained Calvary Chapel pastor (not until 400 AD did they actually charge to minister)

3. still make house calls and pray for the sick and home bound (fewer and fewer still do that)

4. are open 24/7/365 for people under extreme duress

5. counsel

6. emergency fix and construct

7. emergency give

8. scholarship

9. babysit and house the needy in extreme cases

10. visit and feed the sick ,homeless and imprisoned

11. conduct free weddings and funerals ( we pay all the costs when necessary, about 6 or 7 a year)

12. Help other Americans and missionaries but ask for them to cover our bare costs.

#givingtuesday #besitcharity #bestdonation

100% of every penny is tax deductible and goes straight to them, in the mission field,,, NOTHING stays in the states.

Remember Christmas is soon to be upon us.  For me this time of year brings dread because our operating costs go up by 300%

As you know our payroll for our staff (nationals only, no Americans) and benefits expenses double by law, due the end of November.

Plus we want to buy the kids Christmas presents,  seeing how Samaritan’s Purse and operation Christmas Child abandoned Nicaragua several years ago.

Any extra tax deductible donations will greatly appreciated now to get ready for next month

thank you


or by check, Made out to :
GraceLifeOutreach ( PureHeart in memo)
190 Seminole Lane APT 302, Florida 32931 USA


Una Vida Sin Oración

Millones ORAN en todo el mundo, pero no funciona.

La oración en sí misma, como enviar buenos pensamientos positivos, etc., no funciona. Es vacío y sin valor a menos que esté en la presencia del único y verdadero Dios Santo.

Mateo 26:40
Y él vino a los discípulos, y los halló dormidos, y dijo a Pedro: ¿Qué PASA no podéis vigilar conmigo una hora?

Ese tipo de oración, con Jesús, funciona. De hecho, es vital para la vida de cualquier creyente. Es necesario para la vida de todos, porque sin Jesús no hay vida.

La falta de oración es una enfermedad terminal pero curable. Una vida sin oración para nuestro Señor viviente es la primera y la enfermedad más peligrosa que cualquiera de nosotros puede contraer. Al mismo tiempo es el más fácil de curar.

Muchas otras enfermedades vienen también después de que dejamos de orar.

Cuando oramos en serio, estamos cuidando nuestra relación con Dios. Cuando nuestra relación con Dios es correcta, todas las demás relaciones parecen funcionar también.

Esto sucede cuando no oro a nuestro Padre Celestial;

1. Tengo cada vez menos deseo de Dios.

2. Me estreso mientras el mundo me seca.

3. Tengo una pérdida de purificación  en mi corazón y alma.

4. Encuentro que es difícil orar.

5. Otras cosas llenan en lugar de Dios.

6. Dejo de tener una relación cercana con Dios.

7. En crisis, recurro a la psicología en lugar de a la oración, o simplemente cedo a la crisis.

8. Comienzo a buscar a otros dioses para llenar el vacío en mi corazón.

9. Pierdo el enfoque y el propósito en la vida.

10. Vivo un ateísmo práctico, profesando  Dios, pero viviendo sin él.

11. Dios no trae alegría a mi corazón.

12. Experimento el vacío.

13. Voy en busca de alguien o algo que me afirme en lugar de Dios.

14. Me involucro con las cosas para sentirme bien conmigo mismo.

15. Dejo de pensar en la vida eterna y me concentro en las preocupaciones de este mundo.

16. No testifico a los demás acerca del Señor.

17. Normalmente me convierto en un obstáculo para los demás.

Que el Señor nos ayude a orar sin cesar. No solo durante el día, sino también durante la primera hora del día cuando te levantas, pásalo de rodillas, buscándolo, ¿lo haces? Cualquier hábito requiere dos semanas., Pruébelo durante dos semanas seguidas, sin tomarse un descanso. Me lo agradeceras

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