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pureheart 070515We had a little kitty named Moe. Moe got electrocuted at the Winner Home, so I disposed of his body in a nearby field. Man, after a few days little Moe got RIPE!

Winnie Joy asked what that smell was. I said, “Moe.” A few days ago we walked by a dead dog on the side of the road stinking to high heavens. Winnie Joy took a deep breath, and said, “YUM I LOVE THAT SMELL!” Concerned I asked Winnie Joy why. She said, “Because that smell reminds me of MOE!”

Stuff that stinks usually is bad. Stuff that smells good USUALLY is. With the exceptions of things like strychnine (almonds) and water moccasins (cucumber), usually your nose steers you right. Smelling is in the NOSE of the beholder.

My next door neighbor has a beautiful voice. One morning around 430 AM his was singing praise and worship songs while showering. Well, I made the mistake of telling him how nice he sounded. Let’s just say that by the time he moved out a year later, his singin’ was a stinkin’. ESPECIALLY a 0 dark thirty in the morning. I was NEVER SO HAPPY to see someone leave! Big Winnie said EVEN A ROSE BEGINS TO STINK, IF YOU HOLD IT TOO CLOSE TO YOUR NOSE.

Stinking is not always bad. I know one guy who even got saved by stinking – Lazarus. He was just lying in his grave, minding his own business and stinking. His sisters even said, “JESUS! you do NOT want to go open the because Lazarus stinks.” Jesus ignored them. He even delayed his coming by a few days to make sure Lazarus was stinking. It was his DELIGHT not answering the prayer of his friends to come quickly because Lazarus was dying. He then sauntered over, and in a loud voice said, “LAZARUS COME FORTH!”

Lots of us stink because we are working hard. It is nice to work so hard you build up a sweat. Especially when you are being used of God to defend the oppressed and to heal the broken hearted.

In 2 Corinthians 2-16 (I love this translation) New Living Translation
“To those who are perishing, we are a dreadful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved, we are a life-giving perfume. And who is adequate for such a task as this?”

Dean Jr. Went to live with Aunt Diann in Burton Ohio for a year (freshman year of high school) (see our going away party picture for Deannie)

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uvimos un pequeño gatito llamado Moe quien fue electrocutado en el Winner Home. Tenía que disponer de su cuerpo en un campo cercano. Después de unos días, el olor era malísimo!

Winnie Joy preguntó qué era ese olor. Le dije: “Moe”. Hace poco, miremos un perro muerto en el lado de la carretera apestando.. Winnie respiró profundamente y dijo “¡mmm , a mí me encanta ese olor!” Preocupado, pregunté a Winnie por qué?. Ella dijo: “El olor me recuerda de MOE!”

Cosas que apestan por lo general son malos. Cosas que huele bien normalmente son buenos. Con las excepciones de cosas como la estricnina (almendras) y culebras de agua (pepino), por lo general la nariz que dirige en una manera salva y segura.

Mi vecino tiene una hermosa voz. Una mañana alrededor de 430 el cantaba canciones de alabanza y adoración mientras se banaba. Bueno, yo cometí el error de decirle lo bueno que cantaba. Digamos después de un año, sus canciones en la madrugaba apestaban. Yo nunca fue tan feliz de ver a alguien trasladarse! Winnie (mi esposa) me dijo….Aun una rosa comienza a apestar, si se mantiene demasiada cerca de la nariz.

Estar hediondo no siempre es malo. Conozco a un tipo que se salvó por ser apestoso – Lázaro. Estaba entumbado en su tumba, haciendo nada más que oler feísimo. Sus hermanas, incluso dijo, “Jesús! Usted no quiere ir a abrir la tumba, porque Lázaro apesta.” Jesús ni les hizo caso. Incluso retrasó su llegada por unos días para asegurarse de que Lázaro estaba hediondo. Era su deleite no contestar la oración de sus amigos para venga rápidamente porque Lázaro estaba muriendo. Luego paseó, y en voz alta dijo: “Lázaro sal fuera!”

Muchos de nosotros apestan porque estamos trabajando duro. Es agradable trabajar tan duro que se empapan de sudar. Especialmente cuando usted está siendo usado por Dios para defender a los oprimidos ya sanar a los quebrantados de corazón.

En 2 Corintios 2.16 (me encanta esta traducción) Nueva Traducción Viviente

“Para los que se pierden, somos un terrible olor de la muerte y la condenación. Pero para los que se salvan, somos un perfume que da vida.

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  1. I enjoyed your story Dean, at first I couldn’t believe you were writing about a dead cat stinking on LinkedIn but continuing your post it made sense and I hope your story grabbed a lot of attention. I’m sure no one has written about a dead animal stinking on linkedIn at least I’ve never seen it. Well done Sir.
    I hope young Dean at least enjoys his school year I assume at Berkshire I am sure he will miss his family. At least you can skyp with him and see each other that way. The school hasn’t changed much since we graduated, nor the teachers:), as I’m sure you noticed last summer during your visit. I kid about the teachers because Mrs. Russell my freshman English Teacher taught my Dad who graduated in 1942 from Burton.
    I have saved your blog address and will check back from time to time.
    God Bless,
    Dan Warner

    1. thanks Dan, i appreciate you,, always have

      yes, i kind of miss old Berkshire high myself… mr ronzka, miss jane, mr white. etc.. good times.

  2. Hi Dean!!
    This is Jamie and Jasmine.
    Jasmine Love the story about Moe, specially from her cousin!!!

    1. thank you Jaime and Jasmine,, we are all missing you here in Nicaragua,…..

      you are very sweet,, and we love you guys very much!

      thanks for writing Jamie!

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