The Nature of God

God a lot of times helps us through our friends. We ask God to help us, our friends offer to help, but we ignore our friend’s help, thinking it isn’t spiritual enough.

God is a lot less spiritual than we are, I think.

On a spiritual note,

Need New Bus? Pure Heart Ministries
Need New Bus?
we are bringing food to the dump to feed close to 100 kids some days in our 2 door coupe and it is not working, we are praying for a bigger bus.

On a not so spiritual note, it’s been a Good week of construction, We are building on our new property for the Jim Winner Home for At Risk Children. Juanca and Manolito are building the home. We have built 4 or 5 nice sized buildings already over the past 2 decades.

We have the architectural prints if anyone wants to see them.
TLCM is our theme, takes longer, costs more, is a LAW in construction

We are now bringing three kids to prek * however, it is very hard to get cooperation from the parents though!

— But they are SOOOOO cute once they get there. Here’s their mother’s day skit of little chicks eating worms and then a hawk comes and scares them. *I used to be the hawk, but Winnie fired me,, i was giving the kids nightmares.

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