The small things like second chances..

In OCS we had to roll our socks in such a way, that when the black hats would open your locker, your sock´s would actually looking like they were smiling at them. If in your hurry, the rolled socks were put in upside down you socks frowned at the black hats, and your day was going to be a bummer. Better than overlooking a detail and getting killed in battle, or worse yet, getting one of your troops killed. Royel was playing around and got MANGLED. Still working on his eye.

The devil is in the details. Overlooking a facial expression, wrong doings, not listening to your friend´s heed to slow down or take a breath, can destroy lives. God told Moses to speak to the Rock, when the Isrealites were griping in the desert. Moses, in his zeal and haste, slapped the Rock with a stick. He was trying to take or short cut, or over emphasize what God wanted done. It cost him a trip to the promised land. Moses never made it in the flesh there. We know that God is a God of second chances so Moses was with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Lots of times we get plenty of warnings before you cross the line…

Details leave the best best plans in burning wreckage. Out of the ashes of blown opportunities and bad decisions, can be a HUGE opportunity for a second chance. Do not listen to people, listen to God and be guided by HIM to give yourself a break, and to give OTHERS a break.

Last week we ran out of money for a little bit, so we had to shut down the feeding center.Feed Center Managua Pure Heart Didn’t really know how to break it to them, and then, bam, someone threw a rock. (when the kids get too aggressive they throw rocks, baseball size,and fast! All are natural born short stops).,.. a rock is thrown, we shut down for a week. It´s too dangerous. One time a guy threw a rock a me, and his little sister took the rock instead of me by jumping in the line of fire and it broke her hip bone. Rocks scare me. They hit a little grommet like Denis and he´s gone. So, the Rock Thrower in this case, (chele) kind of gave us a good excuse to take a week off and get caught up on bills and costs.

but Good thing for Second Chances.

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