Matthew 5:37King James Version (KJV)

37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay….

This is King James English. In those days the word for yes was YEA. When we are happy, we say YEA, or better spelled, YAY!! a hold back from the 1600’s.

I think YAY came from a big YES back in the day! As we say in Spanish JESS! The YES word, however you spell it or pronounce is, it a good thing, usually.

As the Sunday school song goes, be careful little mouth what you say!

In Spanish, the word YES and the word IF is the same,, SI. We learn to speak positively to the kids. We try to say YES *SI* as often as possible.  Even if it is the word If which is SI as well.

We try to avoid the word NO! Once a kid hears the word NO it is a major turnoff. Especially in a little street kid’s troubled mind. So, instead of saying NO! We say IF , for example, “IF *SI* you do this, you will have problems.”  They hear *SI* whether IF or YES, and that is all that is important. OF course, another big factor is the expression on your face,, you can tell a problematic person down here anything with a smile on your face. There is NOTHING you can tell a person down here, that will turn out positively, if you have a frown on your face.

The word “YES” or YEA *YAY* usually brings happiness.

Happiness is good, but not at the expense of integrity. Actually, a positive answer is the worst thing that could happen if it’s not true. More lives are shattered by “yes men” than anything else. Unfortunately many ‘yes men’ who have a trail of happy, kids saying YAY! are here in the name of the Gospel.

As a missionary it is often better to say no, than yes. Especially with kids. Well, actually, anyone. I have been guilty of it, we all have.

It is so easy to say yes, and walk away. The problem is that although they LOVE you, years later you will be forgotten. The only thing that dissappointed person will remember was that a CHRISTian lied to the. Operative word, CHRIST,, we have to have a pristeen testimony in every way possible, most of all for what comes out of our mouths. It’s not US that they remember, whether good nor bad. It is Jesus.

It is not possible to back and rectify all of our occasions where we didn’t complete our word in the past. IT IS possible to start today to make sure our yes’ are yeas, and our no’s are nos from today and forward.

God is a God of second chances. Oh, and His YEA’s are YEA’s and His NO’s are NO’s
remember either way, or at least it shouldn’t be.tis Jesus. How do we want people to think of Jesus after we met them.

Dean Peters

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