Borders, Part 2, THE SEQUEL!

1 Oct14 Borders Part 2, THE SEQUEL!

God has blessed us with renewed acquaintances, meeting family members
for the first time (my children that is), donations, a vehicle, and a
renewed vigor, purpose and vision for the Jim
Winner Home.Food Lines Pure Heart Nicaragua

God MIRACULOUSLY provided for more times than we can count, AND ALWAYS
AT THE LAST MINUTE. It was good for my children to see that as our
worst, most impossible experiences turned into GREAT FUN AND WONDER at
God’s work in our lives, and in the lives we came into contact with.

We crossed many borders. Borders just don’t have to do with countries.
They have to do with conditions, personalities, problems, self and
thing out of our control. Some are imposed by man because of our
unGodliness, some we set up ourselves, and some God has established to
give us order in our lives. We have to embrace borders and their
laws, but not be restricted by them. God established borders and
limits, ie waters levels, time, sin, countries and languages to
protect us and for His glory. They will stand for eternity, because
it’s of God. Countries set up borders because of Fear. We can fight
it or flow with it. We set up our own borders, which we should take a
sledge hammer to and tear them down.

We can choose to let limits such as language, distance, water,
borders, fear, prejudice, gossip, hate, etc stop us in our track or
use it as a lesson to see how God will get us out of this mess! Not
to tempt God, but IF He IS calling you to do something, He will make
sure that things go the way HE wants them to go.

We choose to follow what we felt was God’s direction *Children of God
are guided by the Spirit of God. We got to see first hand, God’s
love and protection for us. God astounded us many times, and the
people observing us.

For example, one dark dreary, rainy night, near the Honduran ‘ Loma de
Denuedes’ (the hill of the little demons) we had a triple flat tire
‘situation’. Even just ONE late night flat tire in the dark rainy
mointains of Honduras is dangerous enough. 3 is a situation
impossible and very serious. No light, no internet, no phone, no
money, our only debit card didn’t work. It was hopeless, and we
were in Mara/Narcotraficantelandia. VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION.

We spent over two days trying to figure things out, and as we did, we
saw God’s hand, felt God’s love, and had fun. Actually Dean and
Winnie and even Mama Winnie had a blast during this time, although we
were surrounded by a lot of guns and questionable people, we had a
blast. I don’t think the Winnie’s would want to be stuck in the
mountains with no money again, but Deannie and I loved it.These people
were kind and generous and loving and treated us like royalty. We
loved them and shared our faith in Jesus with them. They looked at us
like we were crazy, but they all agreed that God had used them to
protect us. It could have gone horribly bad. God chose go let it be
fantastically GREAT!

best of all, I got through Honduras without even getting arrested!

God is good

All is well

Sorry if I sounded worried the last time, I was

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