26Sept14 Borders

BordersIMG_0602 are really tough to cross, ESPECIALLY when they have already been estabilished. A border is even harder after it has been established for along time.

It is so much easier to cross a border when people before you have not abused it yet. Once people begin to pay bribes, and corrupt the system, everyone else is expected to follow suit.

I do not bribe policemen. I buy them lunch. I buy lunch for about a hundred kids a day, so what is a couple more lunches, especially when the cops get paid as little as they do. I offer before i get asked for a bribe, they are happy, we are happy.

The border is different. They want hundreds of dollars because people before them have paid bribes, so they assume that we all have hundred dollar bills to throw around. When you do not pay a bribe, they hang you out to dry. In Guatemala they got us for 300 dollars because we would not pay a 300 dollar bribe,, hummmmmmm, go figure. And we still had our car put in jail for about 24 hours.

But God is good, and there is a lesson in everything. NOW we are leaving Guatemala, (Lord Willing) within a few hours and will drive straight into Managua. I PRAY they do not ask for bribes, because we will have to just get hung out to dry again, and we are all road weary. But if you want God to bless you,you have to do things in a way that God can bless. He will not bless sin, no matter how convenient,

Pray for us… going in now


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