19Sept14 America

‘I cant 10614261_319400144895110_1050102171726953662_nsee the forest for the trees’ really applies to me wherever I live. God continues to command us in His Word TO LOOK around us. As we do, we have to PRAISE HIM.

As my family and I have seen a great deal of America this past month, we have to Praise God for what He has done here. I am sure because we haven’t really been here for more than 3 and a half years.

In Nicaragua, you don’t see the beauty that is surrounding you at every turn of the street. Here we are in South Padre Island Texas and the beauty again is missed by the sheer quantity of it. As I am writing you,, we are getting ready to cross the USA border into Matamoros, Mexico, leaving America again for probably a very long time.

We are on the last leg of our drive through central america to our home and mission base in Managua Nicaragua. Although I lived in the states for more than half of my life, I never realized nor appreciated how beautiful America really is. This has been my longest stint outside of the US, so maybe that’s why I am so melodramatic.

You kind of take things for granted when you are surrounded by such blessing.

polite policemen
caring human beings who LOVE to freely give
amazing work ethic
people that are dependable and good to their word
volunteer spirit *as opposed to mercenary spirit
punctuality and promptness
good friends and family
no obvious war or earthquake damage
smooth roads
great public and private schools
fantastic health care
freedom of expression
separation of church and state
clean water
abundant food,, medicine, and supplies in the stores and hospital
religious freedom
kindness to foreigners that come here seeking refuge from bad circumstances
opportunities and liberty for all
hygienic conditions
social services
good neighbors
good transportation
dependable public utilities

Americans are GREAT people, and we are blessed to be part of a GREAT country

The Lord has been giving us many ideas on how to make our ministry an even better organization. I have a church in Kansas that is helping us to get our own NGO/501C3 in the states, and it looks like I have a lot of volunteer help coming in.

please pray for travelling mercies for my family and i!!

A video of our school. Remember our school *although all that work there are Christians, IS NOT A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. We pray, we teach Bible verses, we love the LORD, but lots of kids and their parents don’t. Please pray for the souls of these children and their parents as we show them Jesus’ love.

— Please Pray for America
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